Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. soylimonada

    soylimonada New Member

    Hopefully I can grab one of these
  2. Merraxxess

    Merraxxess New Member

    Whoo! Success!!!
  3. TX3017

    TX3017 New Member

    If you registered, you're fine. It's a matter of waiting for the notification in the "conversation" section of your profile. I believe you'll be able to purchase the Nabu X on 1/15
  4. LadyGaga

    LadyGaga New Member

    Did you receive an email yet?
  5. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Would having a Member title over a New Member title maybe indicate I qualify?
  6. balkranjit

    balkranjit New Member

    anybody been able to get into wave 1
  7. Or if in case i miss d sale. Any idea when is nabu x up on regular retail?
  8. TheMephisto

    TheMephisto Member

    Maybe they will open EU registrations once they run out of US codes?
  9. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

    Same here
  10. keiemm2

    keiemm2 New Member

    Hopefully around the same time as this one!
  11. SaiPKJai

    SaiPKJai New Member

    They only stated some time in Feb.
  12. themykel

    themykel New Member

    They have the 8 posts to make sure you are an active member of the community - it actually finally got me to get off my butt and register - something I had been meaning to do for awhile!
  13. Melvanilla

    Melvanilla Member

    I just hope I get a chance and dont miss out on it, Congrats to those who've ordered already!
  14. easyZompretro839

    easyZompretro839 New Member

    Looking forward to EU batch!
  15. Clement

    Clement Member

    Doubt it.. Wouldnt make sense at all ö
  16. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    So we couldn't use the code until the 15th? Happen to know what time?
  17. Ghostlyhollow

    Ghostlyhollow New Member

    Thats what im hoping
  18. Nexitor

    Nexitor New Member

    Just US pre-orders? I thought it's for US and EU today. Ok, let's wait.
  19. lum1neuz

    lum1neuz Member

    no love for EU :slightly_sad:
    ClementSter likes this.
  20. Dasadorah

    Dasadorah Member

    Okay. I think I'm registered now. I think I saw the message of success. I'm on my commute to work on a train in a tunnel going under water BART.... With only a small signal from my mobile phone. I hope it went through! Lol

    Next question- when can I purchase and I'm allowed to buy two at the same time? One for me and one for my husband. If not, it's okay and understandable.
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