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Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. conor_IRL

    conor_IRL New Member

    While I noticed a small slow down in server response time, it was minimal and honestly I am impressed at how the servers did!! Good job :)
  2. When can we expect them to be shipped?
  3. imvyka

    imvyka New Member

    Are we going to see the white version of the Razer Nabu X in a later wave for insiders?
  4. haighd

    haighd New Member

    Any idea when the Nabu X will be available for retail sale?
  5. fenabuco

    fenabuco New Member

    Maan, I have to do it now!!
  6. conor_IRL

    conor_IRL New Member

    personally I'd prefer black...white shows the dirt quite badly!! It's all down to personal preference though :)
  7. conor_IRL

    conor_IRL New Member

    There was a post by staff earlier in the thread that might indicate that this might happen!
  8. Bodacious2000

    Bodacious2000 New Member

    Hope I can still get this, but congrats to those who got it.
  9. Fireball530

    Fireball530 New Member

    Thanks for the chance to get a price break.
  10. tjeppies

    tjeppies New Member

    so at what time do i need to sit behind my computer to buy it from the EU?
  11. ru420

    ru420 Member

    Posts all in CAPS don't count btw...
  12. biebuycklouis

    biebuycklouis New Member

  13. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    @Razer|Technokat just curious, will there be an official post to let us know when all the pre-order codes have gone out?
  14. biebuycklouis

    biebuycklouis New Member

    Dude, i.love.this.smartband.
  15. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    Do we know when the EU registration opens?
  16. Thats what scares me. They have the power to choose what's considered constructive or not. So many people might not be able to get their preorder and they dont even know it
  17. Lorimez

    Lorimez New Member

    I'm sure they'll work out who is genuinely engaging in the forums - I wonder how many people will stop at 8 posts - that in its self is insightful :)
  18. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    Registered with no problems. Just experienced slow loading for the first minute of registration. It was a relatively smooth process this time. Hoping the purchase process will hold up as well.
  19. Lorimez

    Lorimez New Member

    Think it is around the 20th January :)
  20. Unexas

    Unexas New Member

    I want thus
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