[RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT] More legacy devices and more features

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi All,

    To add to the CES festive cheer, we have just rolled out a Synapse 3 update. Here are some of the highlights :

    Support for Legacy keyboards (includes special editions of respective keyboards such as Destiny, Gunmetal, Mercury etc) :
    Razer Ornata Chroma
    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma
    Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma
    Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma v2

    (Device list on the website will be updated once the teams get a breather from the CES rush)

    And here are some of the new features :

    Philips Hue integration
    - More details in a dedicated post here.

    Chroma Studio Live Previews - Now you can see a live preview of Chroma effects on your screen, even before you apply them to your devices.

    Chroma Studio usability enhancements -
    New tools - pen and paint-bucket to make it easier to apply the effects in the way you want
    Option to undo and redo your work in Chroma Studio.
    Wave speed can be set to "0" for a static pattern.
    Improved ripple algorithm for a more "fluid" appearance.

    More improvements based on user feedback
    - We've done a fair bit on under the hood work based on feedback from the community. Can't really type out all of them here, but I'm sure you will notice them in everyday usage e.g. improved wave effect on the Firefly (closer to the Synapse 2 appearance).

    More hidden features, which will be revealed during CES. ;)

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  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    And as always, I can't talk about legacy device support for specific devices.

    However, I'll cheat a little bit and give a bit more of a clue as to what is to come in the next update (later this quarter) :
    - Support for another batch of legacy devices (focus on mice this time)
    - Dark theme
    - Import/Export of Chroma Studio profiles
    - Ability to bind Chroma Studio profiles to Games/Applications

    All of those are obviously very frequently requested features. We have more features in the works for the next patch, which we'll keep for a surprise when the release actually drops. ;)

  3. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    Nice! That's some good news right there, and some good features coming

    Give LIFX and Blade + Mamba + Orbweaver + ManO'War support or riot つ ◕_◕ ༽つ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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  4. boczkovsky

    boczkovsky New Member

    Would really love to be able to test the alpha version of RB2017 integration. And if this happens anytime please sign me up for that! #fingerscrossed
  5. Sparkles_1903

    Sparkles_1903 New Member

    Heck yes I can finally fully switch over to Synapse 3 with support for Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma v2! Thank you guys so much for the hard work! Really excited for Hue support since have those bulbs in most of the light sockets.
  6. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Sweet, Fiend - thank you guys very much! Looking forward to playing around with it. I recently started playing through the Witcher 3 for the first time ever and I have made tons of custom keymapping, chroma, profile and macros so it's a good test bed for me right now (Basilisk and Tartarus V2 on S3 and Blade Pro on S2).
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  7. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

    Awesome, so hyped to have my keyboard added to Synapse3.
  8. Epikas_Jones

    Epikas_Jones New Member

    Why is the original blackwidow chroma getting shafted so much? the list goes from updating synapse for the "newer" "V2" version witch from the looks of it was only released like 6 months or so after the first version....and all that was really done was made the status keys area more clear.....then updating other older blackwidow boards.... and skipping the original again.....-_-
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  9. PalZer0

    PalZer0 Member

    Well the focus on mice for the next batch of supported devices means I'll still be keeping Synapse 2 around for now (the fact that the Tiamat 7.1 V2 wasn't made for Synapse 3 from the get go is mystifying to say the least).
  10. radioCyclamenbook293

    radioCyclamenbook293 Active Member

    Can not wait for Deathadder Elite support. Wonder if devices such as Blackwidow TE (non chroma) will eventually get support as well.
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  11. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Just got my Ornata hooked up after a quick reinstall (Would not hook up before), and I have to say, I love the new look of the Ornata Wave, Much better then the older darker colored one that was on Synapse 2. I can't wait for the dark mode, along with the other devices. Great Work! Also, one more question @Razer|The_Fiend, will the current generation Chroma profiles for Synapse 2 that are on the Chroma Workshop work with Synapse 3? Just wondering because it is a new framework and such.

    Might have to do with the demand that Synapse 3 is going to get when they push out the update for the original Blackwidow Chroma, that keyboard to this day is one of, if not Razer's bestseller and you can see them around much more then you can other keyboards made by Razer. It might also have to do with having to re-code much of the program for that keyboard as well, even if the Blackwidow V2 and Blackwidow V1 share the same looks does not really mean they could share the same code for Synapse 2, they did add more effects to the V2, that means that they changed something somewhere with the way it works.
  12. Kpfhorn

    Kpfhorn New Member

    The exclusion of the Blackwidow X TE Chroma seems like an odd choice...
  13. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Also, Do you know when any sort of Stats tracking will be added? Just one of those little things I would like to have, or does it still work with the Synapse 2 Stat tracking?
  14. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Synapse 3 has a completely new framework and device support has to be added for each device one at a time.

    As I've mentioned before a few times, we're not holding any devices hostage just for the sake of it. Support for the "original" Blackwidow TE Chroma in this patch should be proof enough. It just so happens that it has more in common with TE Chroma V2 than the full-sized Blackwidow Chroma V2 has with the "original". Same story with BW X TE Chroma and BW TE Chroma V2.

    Yeah, we did make a few tweaks for the wave pattern to make it appear a bit more vibrant. Thanks for noticing. Under-the-hood improvements like this go unnoticed most of the times. ;)

    Synapse 2 profiles will not be compatible on Synapse 3 for the time being. It would require a ton of effort to make them inter-compatible and we're 100% focused on device support and improving usability/performance.
  15. bucketofbrain

    bucketofbrain New Member

    What about the laptops? Razer Blade Pros 2017?
  16. Exactly there is no way I can justify a brand new keyboard when the one I have is working just great! I also swapped out the ASDQWER keys for the metal ones, and addon the rubber inserts too.

    Software is easier to update and also show customers that within 6 months timeline they are not getting shafted. I bought most of my items at the same time when i built a new system:

    Synapse 3 should support the following:
    Seiren Pro
    BlackWidow Chroma
    Mamba TE

    All of these I feel should be supported for at least a 3 year lifecycle is fair. Right now because of this beta i was looking at getting the headset stand with Chroma and a couple of other items, but can't give Razer anymore money until they fix this Synapse mess.

    The word "Beta" should have an industry standard time behind it, this is no longer a beta its been going on for a very long time.
  17. PalZer0

    PalZer0 Member

    You can already use the Firefly in Synapse 3. That was added in the previous batch of new supported devices.
  18. Unless I misunderstood this, but Synapse 3 beta uninstalls Synapse 2 correct? That would mean only 1 of 4 devices would have Chroma support, compared to 4 of 4 on Synapse 2. If I could run both version side by side it would solve the problem, but that isn't a long term thing I would want to do either.

    Stargazer and Seiren Pro don't support Chroma. so I have 4 devices that require Chroma, keyboard, mouse, and headset all of which purchased same time.
  19. PalZer0

    PalZer0 Member

    You can run Synapse 2 and Synapse 3 side by side without any issues. Synapse 3 doesn't uninstall Synapse 2 during setup.
  20. Thanks guess I read another post awhile ago where couldn't run both. I'm installing it now actually.

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