[Reminder] A tip on posting on Razer Insider

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Dec 10, 2014.

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    FATLARDO New Member

  2. flippintrip

    flippintrip New Member

    Thanks for the heads up
  3. best2001vn

    best2001vn New Member

    I totally agree. And I think most people will agree. This is a good chance to buy a Nabu.
  4. Thanks for the tips all
  5. cotrevor

    cotrevor New Member

    I did the same thing for the Nabu X. The Razer community is vast and offers lots of interesting opinions and ideas. It brings up lots of topics that are definitely cool to see the various points of views!
  6. I'm new to insider as well. thanks for the tip!
  7. LatinSonic

    LatinSonic Member

    I think this is a great rule. Too many people complain about it especially when the Nabu X wave 1 came out. Some people don't want to contribute and just want to take what is offered. It isn't hard to interact with others in the community. I think you guys are doing a great job with this.
  8. Pezlo

    Pezlo New Member

    Thank you for the tips really helps out!
  9. kurtchief

    kurtchief New Member

    I am new to forums in general. Thanks for posting the rules and guidelines to make it easy for newbies like me!
  10. snake_doctor66

    snake_doctor66 New Member

    I'm glad this is here to give new members, like me, a basic guideline of what to do in the forums and how to post correctly. Thanks again.
  11. go47hu

    go47hu New Member

    das pretty kewl m8
  12. Stubbs90

    Stubbs90 New Member

    Helpful. While newer to the forum, I have appreciated their products and approach to customer service. A model for too many other companies who are out of touch with what is new and more importantly their fans!
  13. Milathong

    Milathong New Member

    the community here is great so far! i love it!
  14. Thank you for the tips !
  15. Jaany

    Jaany New Member

    Thanks for the tips. I guess I'll make a introduction post :D
  16. tehshadow

    tehshadow New Member

    Is it really that hard to just put a few words down. If you are here (coming from someone who just signed up) just to get the thing, you might as well put some effort into it :D
  17. Cobby

    Cobby Member

    most people are here for the sale... nothing more... except for some.. who really cares about contributing to mankind..
  18. man the actual Razer forum people must be irate looking at the increasing number of New Members since the dawn of the Nabu..

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    Thanks for this awesome post! :) You're doing a great job trying to keep this community an actual community and not some place for people to post random spam. Thanks again for your efforts and keep it up! :D
  20. mywc123

    mywc123 Member

    Anyone else see the irony of this thread on how people should make constructive posts yet the last 10 post more or less says Great tip thanks awesome Job!
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