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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dunconio, Sep 1, 2021.

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  1. dunconio

    dunconio New Member

    I have recently purchased a Naga Pro and having come from a free-wheel mouse scroll, I was looking for a way to replicate the ability to quickly scroll up and down through large inventories in games. Changing Windows mouse scrolling settings only affects Windows programs and not the in-game scrolling.

    Using the mousewheel tilt Repeat Scroll Up/Down is currently (even in Windows programs) slower than using the mousewheel directly, which seems very odd for a gaming mouse, where often speed/timing is everything. Changing from Repeat Scroll Up/Down to Scroll Up/Down and using Turbo mode at the max setting of 20/s is an improvement but still not good enough.

    Is there a way to increase the Turbo mode up to around 100 times per second? That might be a usable setting for fast scrolling.
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