Replacement for Black Widow 2014

Discussion in 'Systems' started by pulseupBurlywood572, Jan 10, 2023.

  1. pulseupBurlywood572

    pulseupBurlywood572 New Member

    My beloved keyboard has bitten the dust. I loved the Black Widow 2014 as I grew up with the old IBM keyboards.

    I’ve just bought a Black Widow V3 and it’s very different. It’s very ‘tall’ in comparison, the keys are much smaller, it’s very, very much noisier and I think it’s going to be uncomfortable for prolonged typing so I will be returning it. My old keyboard was perfect so this is a disappointment.

    I’d like to stick with Razer if I can so which keyboard should I choose that is closest in profile to my original Black Widow?

    Any ideas?
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  2. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It is hard to let go~
    I had my RAZER BlackWidow V1 Orange for a long time, until the 'Up' button started playing up.

    You can try the following
    • update your Synapse 2.0 to the later version
    • update your Windows
  3. pulseupBurlywood572

    pulseupBurlywood572 New Member

    I’ve given it a very thorough clean, replaced the drivers and reinstalled Synapse. I’m still getting double key strokes. My previous BW 2014 went exactly the same way.
  4. TeetharKehar

    TeetharKehar New Member

    I buy a ton of peripherals for other people (as well as building machines) because I have discounts at certain retailers. I also do basic repair work and handle RMAs for people.

    In no word of a lie, 13/22 Razer products have either had to be repaired or returned at least once within 18 months of purchase. The others? 4 of them haven't reached 18 months yet. Anything they made 3/4 years ago was decent quality. Stuff that's 2 years or newer is absolute garbage.
  5. NorahDanieim

    NorahDanieim New Member

    If you travel with a nice dirtbike than you should 100% keep it covered. The cover will definitely help keep the bike clean and also help with making it less noticeable to thieves. Once you put the cover on you will need to wrap it up with a bunch of bungy cords so it's not flapping in the wind or rubbing the bike.
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