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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by charliest, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. charliest

    charliest New Member

    I'll preface this by stating that I love the Razer Phone. I am currently using it as well as a Samsung Note 8 and an Essential Phone. The Razer Phone just feels right and is more state of the art than the others.

    I am a tinkerer and bought this device assuming the philosophy of Razer is to create cutting-edge products, both hardware and software-wise. They have hit it out of the park as far as the hardware goes, but I am sorely disappointed by the lack of interest in supporting their user base. Razer is not about to compete successfully with the likes of Samsung or Google, so I would think that addressing a niche market, the same people who frequent this forum. They have failed to adequately support us with openness and honesty and reasonable two-way discussion.

    Where are the OEM rom images? I have heard "real soon now" for literally months, with no action whatsoever. I do not understand their refusal and have yet to see an adequate response from Razer.

    I am fortunate enough that I can afford to put this phone in a drawer and move on, but I would rather not. There is a great opportunity for Razer to attract active development on XDA and the like. This can only be good for Razer. I cannot imagine any downside to my request, but I am met with a deafening silence.
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  2. Runnerxs

    Runnerxs New Member

    Yep I asked also and was told sorry that is not available to the public yet. But they would not say when it will be.
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  3. bowielee

    bowielee New Member

  4. I am requesting a stock factory image also. I want to get the latest OTA update, but I need to return my phone to stock first before I can get it. I was actually hopeful there would be more enthusiast support when Min-Liang Tan actually retweeted that TWRP was released for the Razer Phone. But it seems I was wrong. We need stock images so there can be development on this phone.
  5. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    I would also like them to release the stock images. Not only does this benefit the modding community but when you have them going it makes the phone talked about more which in turn makes people hear about it more and but it. It only helps razer more.
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  6. Kirschdog

    Kirschdog New Member

    I would like them released as well. We have waited 3 months and still no word...come on Razer get your head in the game if you want to start a mobile following show us you deserve it.So far love the phone hate the lack of communication and lack of follow through.
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  7. CptClubs

    CptClubs New Member

    I am also requesting factory images for the Razer phone.

    I didn't see his tweet!? That's cheeky considering a fellow user on another forum bought the phone for Dees_troy to build TWRP.... Min makes it look like he was involved lol insane!!!

    I'm shocked Razer isn't more bothered about rep, all the hype for stuff comes deep from all the dev scenes.
    None of my friends want this phone haha it's a joke amongst us.
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  8. Here's a link to the Tweet about TWRP being released for the Razer Phone.

  9. CptClubs

    CptClubs New Member

    Ha ...Min does like all the spotlight... Even if the scene he quoted he is killing.
  10. charliest

    charliest New Member

    I guess the lack of input here from anyone connected with Razer speaks volumes. After all, this forum is hosted on their own site, so one would think that they feel some responsibility for at a minimum acknowledging the critical threads, As it stands, all they seem to concentrate on is changing the color of their logo :slightly_sad:
  11. alleydirect112

    alleydirect112 New Member

    And all they can come up with is a gold version, no RGB.
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  12. CptClubs

    CptClubs New Member

    Hahaha truuue!
    But yeah surprising what their focus has been on. They must have predicted absolutely no issues with the phone as I find it hard to think Linda was a quick project.
  13. ProjectOrac1e

    ProjectOrac1e New Member

    I just spoke with a support person at razer earlier today. He said they will NOT be releasing the factory images to the public. However for a out of warranty fee they will re-flash the images to your phone. Once they do that the warranty is VOID. I hope he just misinformed, because @Khanger said the factory images would be released to the public "soon".
  14. If that's true will this is badly socks ... I can't believe we can' have the factory image ... even the worst restricted devices like IPhone ipad ipod you can download there firmware . So I can't accept that at all .
  15. I signed in for the first time in as long as I can remember to also complain about the lack of factory images.

    I LITERALLY only bought this phone on the assumption that Razer being a gamer focused enthusiast team would not hold this phone and tinkerers like me and others back.

    I'm extremely disappointed so far. Not to mention the seriously annoying bugs I've had and the time it took Three to get updates to this handset.

    I'm passed the stage of being able to return my device and I'm now gutted I didn't. Would do anything to have a Sony/HTC or any other device with an active XDA scene. The XDA scene for this device was killed before it even started.

    Shame on you guys.
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  16. alleydirect112

    alleydirect112 New Member

    An iPhone can be better customized than this device :/
    This has been my worst experience with factory Images, having experience with lumias, iPhones and other Android device.
  17. Totally agree with you

    We can't deny razer create so many great devices , and I can accept the first steps always the hardest in every thing , but razer created phone before .
    Anyways let me pass it and think as it is there first phone and pass the bugs in there start , but why not to give ETA , at least give us hope on our devices .
  18. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    I agree. If this is true then im selling my razer phone. I wont stand with a company that lies to its customers. Is this true @Khanger ?
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  19. This is directly from the FAQ on the Razer website:

    "How do I restore the Razer Phone back to the stock, original, out-of-box OS or image?

    There are two(2) ways to get back to stock. If you haven't installed custom, 3rd-party software onto the device, you can simply factory reset the device by going into the Settings menu, selecting Back Up and Reset, then following the instructions to Factory Reset the device. If you have installed custom software onto Razer Phone, then the process will involve more steps that will require flashing firmware that will be available.

    It is suggested that you do NOT flash to custom software as this would void your warranty."

    This is one reason I purchased this phone because I wanted to install custom software. It's my phone and I should be able to do what I want with it.
  20. Yp that's one of the points I'm hardly fighting ppl misunderstood my point on my thread in this forum and I already mentioned it but god a lot of ppl think I'm fighting them .
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