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Review: 2 years of Razer Blade Stealth 2017 7500u Aftermath

Discussion in 'Systems' started by newjil22, Jul 13, 2019.


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  1. newjil22

    newjil22 New Member

    Hi all,

    First of all, while reading this. You might find a lot of typo and grammar mistakes and I’m sorry about it. I’m not super fluent in English. Anyway, let’s start..Happy reading

    The story started from June 2017. I just decided to buy the all new razer blade stealth 2017 (7500u). Razer just made the announcement and I started to figure out how to finance the project.

    For a start, my choice was based on 2 criteria:

    • I needed an ultrabook who is really thin and light and who doesn’t contain a iFruit in the back (I hate Fruits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

    • For a 2nd phase: I wanted to exploit the fact that this ultrabook can be hybrid and used for gaming.

    After 2 months of troubles I finally could to get it and delivered to Belgium (via Amazon). So I received my Razer Blade Stealth 2017 7500u on 09/22/2017. And yes = I was really happy about it.

    Incident 1: Few months after this (around december), intel just made an update where my newly razer started to have issues: Randon freezes and Bsods. Found that on the forum a lot of people had the same issue so decided to revert the update and everything went ok.

    Incident 2: Windows update 2018. Chaos over all laptops and guess what: Also for Razer. Then, Microsoft did a fix and system went stable again.

    Incident 3: Overheating. Now starts the real issues. Community and support just figured out that Synapse and KillerNetwork got a lot of issues with Razer Blade Stealth. Didn’t knew about all of it. Contacted support 2 months of tickets. Solved the problem.

    Incident 4: and Happy Birthday RBS: BSOD, BSOD, BSOD. We are early September 2018. Started a real complaint with Razer support. I had to factory reset my Razer and had again to figure out stuff alone (Razer community > Razer support).

    Incident 5 + Razer Core X: Phase 2 upgrade started. On December I just decided to go for a Razer Core X + Cerberus 1070Ti. A heavy upgrade who permit me finally to get some serious gaming. I play only League Of Legends and Path Of Exile. If LoL is a laptop friendly, PoE is on another level… This kind of games needs a heavy beast and RBS+ 1070Ti had a lot of issues.

    Incident 6: And this is..Today. For all the month and I don’t know why. Things are getting really worst. multiple bsods with random errors: Kernel in page, critical process died….And a full factory reset and windows reset didn’t solve anything. I’m trying to get back on the most “stable” updates (windows+ all drivers) in order to stabilize and game with my EXPENSIVE gear.


    In theory, Razer Blade Stealth was meant to be the BEST laptop for me. Please notice that I had to take another laptop (dell) for my work because rbs could not deliver…

    The total receipe:

    Razer Blade Stealth 2017 : 1814.90€

    Razer Core X: 302.49€

    Cerberus 1070Ti: 520€

    Total: 2636,49€

    And it’s just a 2636.49€ wasted (please note that this total is nearly 1.2x My Salary).

    And now what?

    I won’t trust again Razer. Pricing, support and lack of reactivity from them is a love-killer.

    Razer actually failed the “Profesionnal use gear” and “Gaming use gear” experience for me.

    Now I’m heading to sell everything except the GPU and build a tower for gaming since my Dell is just “Perfect” for my use.

    This is it. I really hope that other people had better experience and that razer will succeed to finally get a product who fits really all the needs.

    Thank you all.
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