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Review of Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. FuYAx

    FuYAx Member

    The only reason I was able to afford the Ornata Keyboard I have now is because of Paid to Play. This program is amazing and I soon will be able to afford a Razer Backpack that I wouldn't normally be able to afford. So I am really thankful the program exists. The one thing maybe I would like is some more interactive ways of gaining zSilver to bring the total you can get a day to 1000, But that's mostly cause I really like nice round numbers and its easier to estimate how many days you need to keep going towards a goal.
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  2. agentbadboy028

    agentbadboy028 New Member

    dont believe that negativities your hearing.. they are just outside noise thats coming from competitors, haters and other brands fan boys.. we as a community of gamers believes in razer... I'm even planning to buy stocks to support the company...

    i want to be a part of this... we will do this together!
  3. jcx200

    jcx200 Active Member

    I don't understand why people would be abusive towards the service. I believe the idea behind Paid TO Play is fantastic and rewarding for those that put in all those hours. I truly think this is one of the best ways I have seen a company interact with its community. I would love to see this grow but what could be changed? Honestly I don't know. I haven't used this service for long and only have a balance of ~4500 zSilver but I will definitely continue to use it in the future.
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  4. poh2ho

    poh2ho Well-Known Member

    Cheers @mltan , that's great! Clear and straight to the point, plus a good window for us to get the points and plan ahead. Salute to you and the team!

    Here's to a better future!
    Shine on.
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  5. kristofszabo

    kristofszabo Member

    Thank you for the notification!
    It's a nice thing that you reconsider the mechanics behind it.
    I'm using P2P for over half year now, and it can be tricked, and I think most ungrateful people is only grinding out those Razer gear with those tricks.
    The core idea is great, maybe if you take it to an ingame progress level (I don't know if it's even possible)
    Or open it up to developers so they can pay for their games to be included and at least the company can make some profit out of the system or you can give back more. I think the players who benefit wouldn't mind.
    If you want to ensure that core fans use it maybe only allow it to insider users, whom at least at member level (myself excluded haha)
    Also an option is to make it available those who have at least a mouse mat or a mouse or some kind of razer gear. I know it's for those who can't afford things, but to be clear a PC is already somewhat expensive, adding the cheapest of your mouse to it isn't really make it unreachable. And those whou aren't even considering paying a dime for these high end stuff, well I think they should be excluded.
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  6. ThatZeta

    ThatZeta New Member

    Well, this looks an awful lot like "this is why we can't have nice things," because greedy people can't get enough and keep on wanting more and more and complain on top of it.

    I don't have a lot of money to spare for great gaming gear, so using P2P was a great way for me to enjoy gaming and at the same time slowly reach a zSilver level that allowed me to purchase a Razer Keyboard. Was currently saving up for a mouse, since my non-Razer one is in the midst of breaking down.

    I hope you can find a solution that keeps P2P running.
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  7. klz.fc1

    klz.fc1 New Member

    I'm sorry to see the toxicity that's come about from such a generous idea. I also hope the P2P system can be revised so that it works out for everyone involved. I also was trying to save up for a keyboard, but like most, the cost changes is pulling that out of my reach for now. If it comes to it, one of the discount vouchers would not be a worthless alternative.

    I just wish some of the greedy trolls could see that too.
  8. KTsunshinekid

    KTsunshinekid New Member

    Just wanted to say Thank you! As a previous customer of Razer Products, I appreciate the opportunity provided and I'm now in the process of switching back to exclusively the Razer line. In addition, after doing some additional research on your product line, I've been promoting your products with family and friends. However, without this opportunity, I probably would have continued with other companies without giving Razer another consideration. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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  9. Bens03

    Bens03 New Member

    I'm not sure if this has been said or not, but I would say one of the problems with it is how some people use it. Instead of it being a bonus reward for enjoying playing games, they use it solely as a way to get your gear, by grinding in games that they don't really enjoy, but will get the most zSilver. By doing this, they become more frustrated in changes to pricing, because they may not have particulary enjoyed earning it, making a hobby into a chore. Not sure what could be done about that, but I think stopping people grinding in games they don't enjoy (somehow) would remove a large portion of the frustration. I have only redeemed once myself but was very happy with the service :)
  10. ookokay

    ookokay New Member

    As a proud owner of a Razer Blade Stealth 2016, Razer Core, BW Chroma, Naga Hex, Firefly, & 2017 Holiday Bundle I would be highly disappointed if the Paid to Play program were to end. I have used the Paid to Play to add the Overwatch Man 'O War, Overwatch Goliathus, and mouse & keyboard wrist rests to my setup. I have had a very good experience with Paid to Play and I think it's become something that now sets your company apart from the other manufactures. Giving back to your community is a great way to create lifelong customers, like I now consider myself.

    The gaming community can be whiny, greedy and selfish at times, but this goes with the territory of serving an audience that consists of a large amount of children and teenagers. I would hope that you can block out the negativity and continue what has been an excellent program to the benefit of your paying customers and a boon to your brand's image overall.

    Thanks for being awesome and please continue to be!
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  11. TootsMcLaren

    TootsMcLaren New Member

    I have no issues with the program and I haven't even earned anything from it yet. It's sad that a handful of dopey gamers can potentially shut down the program, ruining it for everyone and the company which is nice enough to provide it, free of charge to the consumer. I'd rather you have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the salty dogs but you need to do what you need to do. The faithful will remain with you no matter how you decide to proceed.
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  12. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    He made it clear in an earlier response that the zSilver program will be moving forward exactly as it is now - you just won't be earning through the paid to play program while it's suspended and under review. Everything else that normally gives zSilver will still give it and you will still be able to spend it the same as you do now.

    In short: ONLY the paid to play portion of the zSilver program is currently affected.

    This was the point I was attempting to make earlier as well. I'd be just fine losing the P2P portion and earning more slowly - so long as the zSilver no longer had an expiration date. :)

    I can't possibly disagree with this more - I have my own account, my husband has his own account and my son has his own account. My son can't make use of zSilver yet, since he's not 18 but my husband and I most certainly have different and separate goals for our own accounts. He plays what games he wants, I play the games I want, he earns for whatever he wants to save up for and I earn and save up for completely different items. It would be ridiculous if that were taken away from us because we play out of the same house and register as the same IP address.
  13. Chompimitsu

    Chompimitsu New Member

    1) What makes a person a "real Razer fan" ? With which criteria do you decide if someone is "worthy" to increase an arbitrary daily cap? I believe there is some math to be crunched for this issue rather than setting a bar "low".
    2) Again, what makes a person a "real Razer fan" ? By the rules you stated I could as well be a person that can't afford to buy more than a gaming mat and that doesn't have an insider account and that follows the brand faithfully.
    3) What if multiple people in the same home (Ex: Me, my wife, my brother, etc.) wanted to make different accounts and reaching different goals? By any means, most IP are dynamic, meaning the address changes with every reboot of the device.
    4) Eliminating f2p games means removing a portion of the spirit the program has, removing the possibility to every razer's customer to be paid to play. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hit double accounts since almost every offline game can be cracked and be played.
    5) Same as point three: Do I need to buy three copies of the same game to let me, my wife and my daughter earn zsilver from it?
    6) Getting a pop-up while using the game booster, which is supposed to enhance the performances of my games, would be pretty boring. I don't believe it would fit in.

    I personally believe the system is not awful. The people exploiting it are.
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  14. NewBrandon

    NewBrandon New Member

    Hey if the haters really dislike it that much. STOP USING IT.
  15. DragonNemesis

    DragonNemesis New Member

    Sad to hear that :slightly_sad: The only other avenue to earn zsilver after this is via the forums, I believe?
  16. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    My father, brother and I also have our own Razer accounts and while I gave my brother his own internet line, my father and I share the same connection. I introduced him to the cult and now he's been playing P2P games to get the Chroma HDK he's always wanted. It'll be a bad decision to restrict 1 account per IP address for both our reasons.
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  17. Louyar

    Louyar New Member

    Thanks for the update Mr Tan! Keep up the good work!
  18. NebulaMask

    NebulaMask Active Member

    Death threats over zsilver?! That's insane! I'm sorry you guys have had to deal with that. I hope you guys are able to figure everything out.
  19. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    You should probably make Paid to Play an exclusive feature available to the truest of Razer fans. Either by linking to their Synapse to see if they are indeed Razer consumers or via their Insider Account History. Any haters should be insta ban from the program.
  20. PSSMan

    PSSMan New Member

    So does this mean we can redeem zSilver even after March 1st ?
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