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Review of Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Menelwenn

    Menelwenn Member

    Indefinitly ? It was Temporally first..
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  2. patchesonhand

    patchesonhand New Member

    "suspended indefinitely while we take time"

    Might be clunky language, but it means they don't know how long it will take. It's possible it won't even come back, but I'm sure hoping that all the positive feedback on Insider will make Razer see it's worth it.

    Haters gonna hate. Even if Razer sent out free gear to everyone who asked, including free shipping, there would be trolls and ###holes complaining about it.
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  3. Naridar

    Naridar New Member

    I'm sorry to say this, but expecting a price increase of this magnitude to not elicit some extreme responses from a community of this size, and then shutting down the entire program citing these responses gives very cynical vibes regarding the motive and purpose of the change.
  4. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member



    how about a "membership fee" ... like how costco does it. if you want to shop at costco, you need to buy a membership. this would weed out the freeloaders ... which I presume is 99% of the whining/negativity
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  5. Niarb

    Niarb Member

    Anyone knows how can i see the shipping fees from zsilver products?
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  6. Naridar

    Naridar New Member

    It could work, but the membership costs, unless the fee is nominal, or Zsilver prices are significantly lowered, could easily add up to or even eclipse the price of the gear itself. For example, a Blackwidow V2 right now takes about a full year of maxed out 900-zSilver days - or 170$ upfront (possibly less during sales or when buying refurbished or used) at any gaming store that carries it without strings attached, like voucher availability, switch or color selection, shipping countries, etc.. With a 10$/month subscription, it would be but a 50$ discount in the end, with heavy strings attached.
  7. Robcio87

    Robcio87 New Member

    Paid to Play is great and you should keep going on ignore the trolls. You can improve the system by:
    1) Make sure you sign some advert deals with partners - we both should benefit from it. Split the money 50/50 you will get. Use the 50% for us to reduce the amount on zSilver you have to earn to redeem the rewards. This will solve people moaning about that it is so high.
    2) Scrap monthly vote thing. It is bad gamers want their games to play they own not what majority will pick each month. Make the list of games and just add new games to it 20 let you earn zSilver so players can switch from overwatch to Dota2 or something. It makes it less boring. Give choice and let people play what they own. And not moan that they can play all month cause they don't have it.
    3) ''Farmers'' - people who want money from selling the rewards. Before you sent a reward you can ask them to register it on their PC so they cannot sell it or if they do the warranty will not work? Or make a limit on what rewards you can redeem eg. 1 mouse per year etc so no redeeming 2-4 a year.
    4) Incentive for the Razer owners +50% zSilver. Non-owners need to become a member and earn zsilver to get Loyal Fan Status they have to earn it so need to spent more time playing or buy games via zGold. To become owner redeem 40Zsilver and get voucher for 50-60% off you first razer gear purchase?
    Just my thoughts. :) Ignore the toxic people if they want to discourage you than it means you are doing something good. Some people probably paid by competition. :) Good Luck Friend Do Not Give Up On Us. FTW we are with you. Stay strong always.
  8. Pandzia156

    Pandzia156 New Member

    Razer P2P is very good program :)
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  9. digaogt

    digaogt New Member

    It's pretty sad that the people complain against it. I'll miss the Paid to Play. I hope it comes better whenever it returns!
  10. Varazdinbmx

    Varazdinbmx Member

  11. Pandzia156

    Pandzia156 New Member

    Yea :D
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  12. FrytekV2

    FrytekV2 New Member

    I hope just they don't suddenly increase price of all items.. That would be a shame.
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  13. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    I doubt they will since they know that earning zSilver is harder than ever before after that point. At least I assume and hope they wont!
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  14. FrytekV2

    FrytekV2 New Member

    I have just calculated how much zSilver can I get until end of P2P, so if prices increase, I won't be able to redeem my item. Just hope Razer is smart.
  15. Varazdinbmx

    Varazdinbmx Member

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  16. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Thanks for all the ongoing feedback - and a couple of comments (now that I've the time to relook at this).

    1. I decided to suspend Paid to Play primarily when the negative feedback had escalated to death threats and I had to draw the line for my team - no one should be subject to that. Even after the announcement of the suspension, I received a couple personal messages of such nature.

    I understand that many of you are now posting your support for P2P - but candidly, the right time would have been to respond to the negativity when it was ongoing as opposed to now and after the fact.

    That much said, - I appreciate the support we've got for the suspension of the service - thanks for thinking of the Razer staff.

    2. I've been thinking about how to improve on P2P - and I think fundamentally one of the major issues is that we tried too hard to reward our users.

    One of the ways I've been considering is instead of just one major way to earn zSilver (which was P2P originally) - we'll reduce the quantum of earning from one way - but create many other different ways of earning it. For example, we'll relaunch P2P (with a lot less earn rate), but also launch many other different ways to earn zSilver and change them up regularly. In short, it's more like different ways to earn but no one doubles down on a particular method and we basically reward users who are committed 100% to the Razer ecosystem.

    For example, some ways may be if you own Razer gear, other ways if you play a particular game, etc - but all of them provide small incremental opportunities to earn zSilver - but if you're someone that is 100% Razer, it'll allow you to earn a significant amount of zSilver.

    Oh, and any objections if we ban outright any of the trolls/negativity?

  17. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Active Member

    This is a must do 100% KICK them to the curb. As for the other ideas you have to further the zSilver program I think you are on the right track for sure. Constructive criticism is good, negative/trolling forms of criticism are not needed and do nothing and should not be tolerated. A reward system should be for the true and appreciating fans of Razer and today's post is showing us that your heart is in the proper place. Thanks
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  18. xRenoa

    xRenoa New Member

    After reading your reply and the main reason for the discontinuation of the program, I must say that I support your decision. Death threats should never be tolerated, even though they come only from the ungrateful tiny minority. While I'm bummed about everyone else losing their main source of zSilver, I can't complain since its free stuff. Anyway, I'm sure Razer has good reasons for the decisions they make. I just hope I manage to earn what I need before the discontinuation (I'm so close!).

    While I'm grateful to Razer for the opportunity to earn some free gear, I do feel that the changes to the P2P program could have been implemented better. The points expiration, price increase and discontinuation were rather large changes that happened suddenly, as I recall. For most of us, these huge changes felt like a slap in the face. How many of us have slowly collected zSilver for months, before suddenly realizing that we only had 20 (or so) days left to earn 900 daily points to redeem our rewards? Or suddenly being 90k silver away from that sweet BWCv2, instead of 20k? Or worse, waiting out for voucher restocks only to realize that you no longer had enough.

    I think that a longer time horizon would really help ease the community into the changes, instead of waking up one day and realizing that what you have been working towards for months could have been for naught. Pretty sure anyone would feel at least the slightest bit of unrest. After reading some threads on the issue, I think the main source of salt is not from the actual fact that these changes are happening, but rather from the insufficient communication from the Team and the abruptness of the changes.

    But hey, I think the decentralizing of zSilver sources is a great idea!
    And BAN THE TROLLS!!! Ungrateful children don't deserve dessert.

    Hope the rest of us reach our target rewards! Let no zSilver expire! I have 10 days left, go me.
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  19. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    Those sounds like some interesting changes, and I am looking forward to trying them out!

    I honestly don't understand people that show negativity towards people that are just trying to make gaming better for them, and as for death threats, that seems inconceivable. But having read through everything, I now understand why you suspended the program. Negative feedback is one thing, actively harassing staff is another and should not be tolerated.

    As for banning people for bad behaviour? I agree! Maybe like a three strikes you're out kinda thing (depending on the level of negativity they are displaying - death threats is an outright ban, trolling maybe given a warning about their behaviour and be unable to earn zSilver for x amount of time?).

    Can't wait to see what happens next!
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  20. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    First of all, thank you that you didn't ditch the program. I think it brings more positives than negatives. Hey, it brought me here even though I had some Razer equipment several years before I joined here.

    I like your idea. It really should make hard time for those who are exploiting this program. Those kind of people (and those who are sending death threats!!!) should be banned from P2P and this forum.

    This is something similar that I proposed here:
    Interesting idea for Paid to Play :smile_:
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