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Review of Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Many people upset about Paid to play right now are the people who got mad at the giant price rise. People will still complain that they have to keep a program open while playing games to get free stuff all the time, even though they do the same without earning free stuff all the time anyway, but I am just glad that it is here and the whole ZVault system is going strong and it is going on a year old in February or march if I do believe.

    Just something I could put out there, I think it would be good to have more region specific rotating prizes (ex. Asia region might be able to redeem a normal Deathadder Elite for that month and then North America and such will be able to redeem a Destiny 2 Deathadder Elite, rotating like that for a couple of months before changes prizes). I feel like this might help the shortage that happens every month, and it might be a help to people looking to redeem something there is no codes left for and they could know it might be back a month or so later.

    Anyways, thanks for keeping the programs up for us ;).
  2. mo-iro

    mo-iro Active Member

    In my opinion the system is good, but now that the points have expiration date and the prices increased I think we need a better and faster expansion to other regions in the world that we see people requesting every day, people don't want to lose their points just because they don't deliver to their homes yet, it's very discouraging
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  3. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    I think it would make more sense to reward those who are invested in the Razer economy. People can complain all they want about how "overpriced" the products are but those of us who decided the products are quality and worth our investment are much less likely to moan about changes or issues with the system. On the other hand I think the money would be just as well spent hosting more AFKs instead or possibly online tournaments for the Razer faithful like the old arena.
  4. Lojalfan

    Lojalfan New Member

    Death threats? lol
    I sure complained a little bit as I've had the points for my keyboard for 3 weeks and it was out of stock and then they raised the price, but to tell someone he's going to die because of this?
    I'm happy with the system overall but I would love to get some bonus points because I already own Razer mouse and headset, maybe 15% zSilver boost for every item?
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  5. BananaZ94

    BananaZ94 Member

    This program is awesome, only those who don't appreciate the joy of gaming would hate this. Just do what you do best =) keep up the good work!
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  6. KaylinG

    KaylinG New Member

    I think its people who dont own Razer stuff. Im happy with everything since i got onto the green train (well everything is chroma now haha)
    From the hardware to the FREE programs which a use everyday. its really good. I even researched buying shares!! who would have thought a Razer would be the reason i look at stocks nowadays.
    Great company, Great community and support staff. Keep it up
  7. DiviXion

    DiviXion New Member

    Copy and paste from another thread you hosted but here's what I think the Paid to Play program should be reworked into:

    I think the system should reward those with Razer products with a small boost. What my suggestion would be is to keep the cap for those without any Razer products the same but those who have a Razer product will get a 10% cap and boost (from the base amount of 900) compared to the current normal cap. Not only that but it should be capped at 5 products, meaning 50%. If you have more than 5 Razer products, good stuff but it's to prevent farming zSilver easier that way.

    Basically, having no Razer products means you will earn 900 zSilver at most and 3 per minute. If you have 1 product, you are able to earn 990 silver per day at the rate of 3.3 per minute, meaning you will still have to play for 300 minutes a day to reach the cap. This will cap at 50%, meaning the most you can earn will be 1350 zSilver per day and at a rate of 4.5 per minute.

    This system still rewards those without any Razer equipment the same way it is now but once you get your first piece of equipment, the grind won't be as long as it would be the first time around, so it will still reward those that support Razer. Including the active gameplay feature in Razer Cortex, I do think it's a bit harder to abuse the system unlike a few months ago, when you were able to AFK a game overnight and pick up the zSilver that way.

    Anyways, that's just my suggestion and I think it would work really well. Any flaws in the system, feel free to reply and I'll try figure out ways to improve this idea of mine.
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  8. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    It's a great exciting program and it's sad to see so many bad people ruining it. Here's my possible ideas:

    Getting rid of the Free to Play games in P2P would solve most of the problems. Then at least cheaters/multiple accounts have to buy a game multiple times so it's not worth it.

    And then lower the max daily cap to 500 or so, (making it impossible to get the top shelf items without spending money, but you could still get the Cynosa/Ornata priced items) and raise the zSilver amount slightly on the zGold side of things along with smaller tiers. This would reward the gamers actually benefiting the entire economy of gaming and not the Free only players.

    I wish Gamersgate would kick you guys a few bucks, I never used them before but now have bought my last 10 games or so from them.
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  9. IceStorm_III

    IceStorm_III Member

    On the one hand, hiking the price on the Ornata Chroma by 50k points and the Atheris by another 25-30k was a bit annoying. Was planning to use rewards to get both (I'm at around 230k) and now that's not possible for another month or so (assuming I don't buy anything with zGold).

    On the other, I get that it's free stuff and Razer's probably taking a bath on it. It's certainly still a system in flux.

    My one complaint I'd like Razer to address is that Razer Cortex chews on my laptop CPU even when I'm not doing anything. I'd much rather it actually be idle instead of sitting there causing my laptop to stay warm.
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  10. jxm1013

    jxm1013 New Member

    I agree with this comment. I think that perhaps the lack of communication of changes may have been a big reason behind the backlash, and that maybe a bit more communication to the users about changes and revisions to the program would help.

    And as for your statement that you're seeing more negativity than ever, it is a shame but I almost feel like there will always be a negative tone from the masses no matter what new angle you and the company take. It is hard to make everyone happy. Especially as the brand grows, Razer will most likely see more and more of this, which is sad. I don't know that there needs to be any changes though, nor do I feel it needs to be shut down. Remember that feedback comes more frequently from those that are not happy, as the happy individuals are usually of the mindset that feedback is not needed because they have no complaints.

    I read another post that you wrote recently about your stance on not making sub-par components for a cheaper price because had the original poster put himself in the CEO's shoes, that he wouldn't want to make himself a sub-par component for himself to use. That is the mentality that you need to take here too. The Paid to Play program is unique and a great benefit that no other manufacturer offers on the market. It is one more reason that the brand of Razer stands for innovation. You have the right attitude in not compromising your vision that your company is first and foremost, For Gamers, By Gamers.

    Just my two cents though...
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  11. The Paid To Play program is fantastic as it is. Keep it going and keep expanding it!
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  12. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    First I must say I'm really impressed of you @mltan ! How you communicate with your own fans, your own cult just like that and thats respectfull. I dont know how many CEOs are advising with random guys like me and the entire insider community, but thats just indcredible... You have my respect sir !

    Lets get back on the subject. First I want to apologize, Im very gratefull for this program, but i thought Razer is making profit from it, in which there's nothing wrong. My excuses.

    On second place I have some advices for Paid-to-play, especially for zSilver rewarding system. I believe they can be the key against the hate, complains, threats etc.
    • Before doing anything like the last price changes take the best measures, so the users do not get harmed at the end like it just happend... A lot of us were waiting for restock or were milimeters close to the rewards and suddenlly 40% prices increase, but the lack of information harmed us really bad and painfull.
    • Put some kind of expiring date indicator on the rewards, I mean when will the reward completely expire from the catalog, so we could know if we will be ever able to redeem the reward or not.
    • More info around vaucher's restocking times, please.
    • I would love to see info/specifications for the zsilver rewards.
    Anyway you are doing great job, keep it up!!! Glad I'm part of this community and can express my opinion for such company like Razer. I wish there will be no more atleast killing threats:frown_:.... Good luck with that !
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  13. Ixith

    Ixith Member

    Huh and here i was thinking that Cortex was tracking games played, who's playing them and where, and amount of time for data analysis that could be dished out to gaming based companies that want that kind of data and that Paid to Play being run through Cortex was an incentive to get people to join in and have their data collected....

    But even if it was, i wouldn't care. x]
    As long as more and more games fall under the 'Supported' Category that can still earn 1 zSilver per minute and we get to vote on the featured games each month then I like it. While admittedly most of my zSilver has come from purchasing anything i want when i see there's a way to get it with zGold, it's still nice to get that extra boost of zSilver just from playing and what not.

    The only thing i'd suggest, which has perhaps been suggested already in this thread (no i didn't read it all) would be to reward, if possible, those who are using Razer gear actively a bit more. Like 1 zSilver per minute for Supported Games, 3 for Featured, and then +1-2 zSilver per minute if you're playing one of those with Razer gear. Or something along those lines.

    I think the biggest dislike, from my perspective which isn't based off of data or even reading all of these comments too much, is that the games people want to play aren't always available and they feel entitled to getting paid to play for stuff that's not Featured or not even Supported (yet). I know when you guys switched to the 5 games a month thing back in like August it was kind of a blow as I liked the fact that you could choose any game that was listed and play it to earn and to see that list grow. I think you guys have been trying to rework that back in with the Supported VS Featured though. =)
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  14. Zekku

    Zekku New Member

    I did not know there was an update but I understand it for sure. Just means a bit longer saving up. Trying to decide between Hammerhead BT or Rogue 17". :)
  15. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    The program is definitely appreciated by me, as well as many others here. It's a fairly unprecedented and unmatched program in computer and gaming hardware markets. While it is not perfect, and we customers would prefer some things improved or adjusted, there really isn't a lot to complain about.

    The crazy people who hate and threaten certainly do not represent us all, and I'd like to think they also do not represent the majority. Unfortunately, saying such harsh things as they must be, are going to come across very loud to you team. But, they're immature insanity needs to be "taken with a grain of salt".

    Know that most of us appreciate what you're doing, and that you're listening.

    PS: Biggest suggestion I can make right now, is please push to have your service representatives better educated. The ignorance displayed by many of them in both general technical things, plus on Razer products specifically, is astounding at times. I don't think it does any good to waste our time or the company's time with wasted communication and bad information from some of your employees in those departments.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  16. hanhan99

    hanhan99 New Member

    It seems that the CEO is threatening us now by shutting down the programme so that we stop complaining about the hike of the zsilver... hmmm interesting...
  17. esien525

    esien525 New Member

    Learn to be appreciate but not take it for granted. What do you expect when they offer you something free?
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  18. DestaKhoo

    DestaKhoo Well-Known Member

    I know, and you already mentioned many times! Please, for who don't appreciate, leave. Sayonara~ RAZER is for premium, while welcome beginner (not like apple, you know)

    PS: There is never free lunch. Work hard and get paid!
  19. LKF_rzr

    LKF_rzr Member

    I support it completely I got my razer firefly like that...
  20. deathcurzo

    deathcurzo Active Member

    Look I love the system but here are the problems:
    • Unexpected price increases.
    • Item removals.
    • Zsilver expiration.
    • Zsilver earn rates.
    And here are my solutions:
    • Warn users of increases and removals beforehand, let users set an item goal, allow Zsilver compensation to users who were aiming for it and were a certain amount through. 50%?
    • Don’t allow Zsilver to expire, it defeats the purpose for a lot of people. If expiration does occur, allow compensation.
    • Allow earn rates to increase depending on circumstances, if your a hardcore gamer, rates could increase. For every razer device you own you get an extra 10% earn rate? Cap at 4 devices? Each razer item you buy and register, you get Zsilver.
    • Not all people have time to game like me. I’m a student working towards a better future but I still like razer, maybe razer should partner with an/some education company online like Cambridge press that runs kerboodle here in the UK. It’s very popular, students can earn Zsilver by studying because they can’t play.
    I hugely appreciate the system and I appreciate it a lot, but it’s very volatile and selective at times. As a company I know you have loads of spare money to spend on this, and maybe 5-10% of annual profits should go to this. I know your a generous but minted company and you should help the community see the generous side in a few more ways. Also do ignore the death threats :joy:

    Razer x gucci collab
    Razer x supreme collab
    Razer LGBT Chroma range

    (Btw I will be buying Razer Inc. In a few years after i take over spaceX:smile_:)
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