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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. pyroantimonicentity

    pyroantimonicentity New Member

    Me too :slightly_sad:
  2. RivalDestroy

    RivalDestroy New Member

    I really like the thought of this program and I was wondering if it is still going on cause I got my account and everything set up and it seems quite lackluster to not have many good earning campaigns going on...
  3. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    It's not going on anymore. Got shut down Bcs Razer was being vague, and ppl felt mislead. Shit happens :)
  4. tontonfraguer

    tontonfraguer New Member

    I just have to use my 124k zsilver and uninstall razer app... :D
    It's not with the 40 zsilver everyday that i will manage to get something now.
  5. FuYAx

    FuYAx Member

    It's really not worth it anymore. You can get 40 a day, which ammounts to nothing. plus 30 a week from insider awards, less than nothing.

    Your only real chance is with Mogul Arena where you pick a team and hope they, but you have to score ridiculous win streaks, with out a single loss in between, in the high teens to get any meaningful rewards at all for the weekly rewards. And ridiculous 30+ for the monthly or 40+ for the seasonal. I honestly believe some people have found a way to cheat or are just that lucky to get numbers like those. My best was a 14 streak that netted me a paltry 2500 silver.

    In total I would say it is just not worth even trying anymore, and hope maybe Razer will figure out a better way to get zsilver that makes sense.
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  6. AltairIbnLaAhad_

    AltairIbnLaAhad_ New Member

    waiting for razer ZSilver to be compaitable in africa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    still no
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