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Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by A1375, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. A1375

    A1375 New Member

    Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 9/30

    tl;dr: Summoner icons celebrating old-school Honorable players will roll out by September 30th.

    Like we mentioned back around the Honor relaunch, Honor veterans who racked up votes and ribbons are due a reward for fighting the good fight. We’re sending out five new (and exclusive) summoner icons to commemorate your old Honor accomplishments -- check out the eligibility details below for more info. We’re starting delivery right now, and should be wrapped up by the end of September. We’ll update this post once they’re all out in the wild.

    There are five new icons in total. Here’s how they break down:

    • Four icons nod to the ribbons and categories of old Honor (Honorable Opponent, Friendly, Teamwork, and Helpful)
    • The fifth icon serves as a salute to a larger number of players who received votes in the old system
    If you have played a matchmade game within the last year and meet the requirements below, you'll automatically receive the icons for which you are eligible.

    Received an Honorable Opponent ribbon


    Were in the top 10% of Honorable Opponents in your region

    Received a Great Leader ribbon


    Were in the top 10% of Friendly players in your region

    Received a Great Teammate ribbon


    Were in the top 10% of Teamwork honors in your region

    Received a Great Mentor ribbon


    Were in the top 10% of Helpful players in your region

    Had a total of 10 or more honors when the old system retired
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  2. proliu

    proliu Member

    pretty sure i've had more than 10 honors in the old system but i haven't received that last icon.
  3. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    This Thread is a simple copy of a text published on a lol news size like surrender@20.

    Please close this thread or change the first post. It's not necessary that the whole text is there! It does not give any question or starts a discussion.

    BTW, I got all 5 icons, you just had to play league enough ;)
  4. Davide992

    Davide992 New Member

    Same for me, i has more than 10 honors and got no icon
  5. DopezEUW

    DopezEUW New Member

    got all icons c:
  6. Zarabiaczek

    Zarabiaczek New Member

    got one icon :D
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