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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dXcheeze, May 1, 2019.

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  1. dXcheeze

    dXcheeze New Member

    Hey Razer Insider Support,
    I´m new to this hole Insider thing, but i found my first problem.

    When I set up an account here for the first time, I didn´t know that there is a reward system and I do have to proclaim fast, otherwise "Unclaimed Razer Silver will be forfeited."
    I was happy with the support I got in all ways.
    I won´t argue about not getting my points back, beside I find it bad managed,
    and in fact I´d get 200pts for a firefly, keyboard and a mouse.
    Also i never set this up in Insider, so it automatically did this?
    I got awarded Jan 7, 2019 but i dient buy any of these 3 that day or set up my warranty, as they are way older or newer than that date.

    But, and this now is the real problem,
    I never bought a Razer headset, set up one or will buy one. I got everything seperated guys..
    How is it possible, that the achievement of the headset has expired and so the big 500pts trophy when i never had a Razer headset.

    But I also got it Clamied Jan 7, 2019 and also Expired Feb 6, 2019.

    Is this a well known problem?
    How do I need to "add" my hardware to Insider?

    hope to hear soon
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