RIP Cortex daily login

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by FiszPL, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    Oh those time when we play to earn it? Those were really good times. Felt like a hardcore game for playing in hours. Hahaha.
    I hope it'll be something that a "normal" folk like me can do.
  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Nice! Can't wait to see what comes next with Razer Gold and all of the updates in the near future.
  3. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    rip indeed …… it was a good run
  4. DrftKng15

    DrftKng15 New Member

    Really bites about the zSilver expiration thing and the daily login going out. I've racked up almost 12K zSilver not counting the raffles I've entered and lost. Come January 31, 2K of that goes out the window. The month after, 1.3K, then over 900, almost 600, over 900, over 900, the list goes on clear up to November 2019, and I'm sure it'll keep expiring until I essentially 'hover' at one month's total earnings (Around 1.2K a month, IF I log in EVERY DAY for the rest of my natural life).
    Here I was thinking I could save up my zSilver for a few decades and wind up with a new keyboard or MAYBE, JUST MAYBE a new laptop. I knew about the "Cult of Razer", but I thought it was just a playful nickname. Didn't know I actually had to literally sell my dang soul in order to get any actual utility out of it.
    I've convinced so many people to install Cortex for this stupid program since it was released, and now I look like a gullible fool to every single one of them. It's really starting to look like one of those 'too good to be true' things my mom always warned me about while growing up, and that I was having dreams of grandeur that just maybe there was a chance it would turn out epic one of these days.
    I'm not quite giving up on Razer yet, but I'm getting sick of tech companies and game developers pulling the wool over my eyes with stupid and nonsensical updates to their programs and policies. For now, I'm going back to my good ol' PS2 and GameCube for a taste of some simpler times; a time when games were between you, your console, maybe a couple of your friends or fam, and your TV.
    Bonus points if Steam decides you need to update it, followed by the ONE game you've been waiting all day to get home and play, only to look back at your screen hours later to see the update finish right when you ought to be getting to bed so you can get up at a decent hour the next day, and the only thing you can really do is let out an exasperated sigh at your budget internet plan as you fold up your aging laptop, because that's just the way the cookie crumbles for those riding the back edge of the tech curve for whatever mind-numbing reasoning and/or circumstances they may find themselves in the middle of.

    Apologies; this, or at least some form of it, was going to drop in some random corner of the internet somewhere. Hopefully someone gets a laugh out of it or something sometime before the human race digs its own grave. If not, maybe we'll leave the lights on and some alien will find a partially corrupted form of this thread still on a server a few millennia from now, and be able to at least find how primitive we are amusing.
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  5. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    100% right.. since there's a lot of young people on this forum it's a perfect opportunity to learn: corporations do not care about you, their only goal is to increase profits, that's it.
  6. chickenchlorine

    chickenchlorine New Member

    Thank you for confirming that there is something. I guess i will now gamble with my silver on the chance it will be something i can add to. Please keep in mind with the monthly expiration, it becomes impossible for casual gamer to have any chance to earn things in store. I understand hardware is expensive, sure. But for me, i don't want that - just games. At tens of thousands of price, I have no hope. I hope this new version allows to earn fast enough to make it before expiration? Or perhaps please reconsider the current expiration policy. Thank you razer for everything.
  7. Parth1C

    Parth1C Member

    WOW another thing gone thanks RAZER not ! You where say you going to make better for all the RAZER Fans then you remove it for good :mad_:. You replaced P2P with mongul arena I voted for 6 months and never seen any Zsilvers at all for participating:frown_:.O well one less thing I have to check daily just once a month !
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  8. SESNut

    SESNut Member

    It doesn't really make any sense for them to create all this software and put all these systems in place to want people to use it and they claim to not be mining for statistics or anything like that. Why was this ecosystem even created?
  9. MaFaHai

    MaFaHai New Member

    I had just redeems 10K zSilver for a 20 bucks coupon off razerstore back in Oct, and was thinking I can still earn more for the next coupon redeem lol but now it's ended lol. The only foreseeable way to earn now is through zGold but which had some additional fee. If no new method of free earning comes soon, might as well redeem the last 15K I have and uninstall cortex lol.
  10. Bitauren007

    Bitauren007 Well-Known Member

    y so desperate for 40 a day? how many years u wanna accumulate to get the item you really want
  11. s3im0n

    s3im0n New Member

    I miss when i could earn ZSilver by just playing my games! The times we had togheter! Will still use it to be able to see good deals atleast. :)
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  12. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    Does the $20 code work on the game store or only the hardware store? I just tried adding a wrist rest to my cart and checking out (for $20), they wanted another $10 for shipping.. meh
  13. Pfyzer122

    Pfyzer122 New Member

    i have a question, does the Cortex actually boost your game? or does it only free up RAM and doesn't do anything? i want to uninstall this now-useless thing.
  14. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

  15. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    You can also earn some using Mogul Arena and the Insider Rewards, and they do plan to add more ways to earn in the near future. If I were you, I would not spend it until it is about to expire, since there could be a way in the next month to earn more to get you to the next coupon point.
  16. YouStar

    YouStar New Member

    [QUOTE = "FiszPL, post: 464268, member: 381428"]
    More than just a day and I had 1500 zSilver
  17. YouStar

    YouStar New Member

    The last way to have free zSilver is to use Razer Insider
  18. 127041212

    127041212 New Member

    well rip there is really no use for it anymore
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  19. Sliproach

    Sliproach Well-Known Member

    Was a bit disappointed to find out to day i could finally 'upgrade' my zsilver account. Just to find MOL doesn't even support my currency (GBP). and that you are unable to change the currency you've selected upon merging your account to them, so i'd either be stuck using euros or USD. So why would you partner with a company who can cater to less people than you already are able to on your own?

    I hope you (Razer) will be able to assist MOL in adding more, regions to the service so i can continue to use the Z services
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  20. MaFaHai

    MaFaHai New Member

    Yes they do work on RazerStore for hardware, I just bought the Rising Cap but had to pay 10USD for the shipping though, so I guess, the coupon is actually to get a free shipping lol
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