Robin AICP (Android Nougat 7.1.2)

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Levi_King08, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

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  2. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

  3. QuillzToxic

    QuillzToxic New Member

    On the latest build the phone crashes if you reboot it...
  4. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    Yeah i noticed that and I used ADB to get it going again so just stick to an older build for now
  5. vidyesh

    vidyesh New Member

    Thanks for this, it really is sometimes a pain to get all the tools (latest) working properly.

    Haven't tried from your Google Drive Folder but here is my experience with adb.

    For me getting adb to run on Windows 10 (1703) was a pain despite trying all the various adb drivers, installers and packages.
    What eventually worked was Google/Android's Platform Tools Package (which looks like is Google's variation of adb, fastboot and other small ulitlies) - Platform Tools Package.(
    This got me to detect adb device(s) and fastboot.

    For people who don't understand or aren't able to figure out if adb was successfully installed or not, running the adb installer tool gives you a good UI confirmation about your adbdrivers. Their tool also helps installing the adb drivers with a one-click install method.

    Download ADB tool (
    Guide using the tool.(
  6. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    You're welcome lol... I understand tho!!! Finding all the right stuff is impossible lol... especially with a Mac (...and before I get hated on...I am NOT an Apple supporter lol)... but I didnt leave live links because some people still manage to choose the wrong files on the site and end up bricking their device so i thought I'd leave the file itself in A G-Folder XD
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