Rock your Razer Chroma devices with the Audio Visualizer

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 20, Sep 28, 2015.

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  1. Stevie_Eye

    Stevie_Eye Active Member

    That is awesome!! I have been waiting for something like this. When I throw parties I set up my widow, the mamba and the firefly and just have it wave. This is like 50x better...
  2. Epikas_Jones

    Epikas_Jones New Member

    Awesome addition, hopefully will be implemented directly into synapse soon with more options and better use of the spectrum, as in its really only using right half of the keyboard atm
  3. Did anyone tested this with Razer Deathadder Chroma?I cant get mine to do this :slightly_sad:.
  4. OK..... got a RAZER CHROMA TE edition... nothing works.

    got the MAMBA chroma 2015.... it works... is it just me? or its only for numpad chroma ones?

    Thanks and love how it works! #salutes
  5. LAxTristan

    LAxTristan New Member

    How do i use this with the Deathadder Chroma because i have no clue, it shows up as a keyboard thing in the program...

  6. [​IMG]
  7. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    its not the deathadder in the video its the mamba deathadder wont work
  8. LAxTristan

    LAxTristan New Member

    it does say deathadder chroma is supported
  9. LeParkour012

    LeParkour012 New Member

    Alright so this doesn't work if you change your audio output. When I tried this, I set my audio to my Speakers. It worked. Changed it to my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma. Now it doesn't work. Tried restarting the app. The app works but it doesn't show the visualizer playing from the music. It's just blank.
  10. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    well i have mine working perfectly well and deathadder aint doing anything
  11. LAxTristan

    LAxTristan New Member

    Mmm, i need to look further into this or wait for razer to give out more info :D
  12. GarryButtman

    GarryButtman New Member

    I would like to change the amplitude but the visualizer keep closing on its own the second I see it, preventing me to change anything on it.
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  13. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    is yours not working?
  14. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    even if you adjust it by 100 atm mine is on 450% amplitude
  15. LAxTristan

    LAxTristan New Member

    no i do get the preview and such, but nothing happens with my deathadder. :/
  16. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    yeah its not working on my deathadder either but is working on the firefly and blackwidow chroma
  17. LAxTristan

    LAxTristan New Member

    I guess i need to buy a firefly then XD
  18. frozenL1QU1D

    frozenL1QU1D New Member

    I've done all the steps, including initial setup, registry, changing to default lighting, and restarted pc, but doesn't work. The visualizer starts up and shows the audio on the preview but doesn't show anything on the keyboard.
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  19. Did you close your synapse?
  20. InfinityEu

    InfinityEu New Member

    mine is open and its working for me
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