Rock your Razer Chroma devices with the Audio Visualizer

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Razer|Rfx, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Riv25

    Riv25 New Member

    hey bois what do yall think of the zvault?
  2. StrikeRaid

    StrikeRaid New Member

    There are instructions on the github page...
  3. DarkMageGaming

    DarkMageGaming New Member

    Will this work with my Razer blade stealth chroma keyboard ?
  4. WR0B3L

    WR0B3L New Member

    Hey! I've noticed that firefly chroma is assimetrically lighting up, it looks like the stripe of color should be moved a little bit to the left. In most songs, right side is lit up more than left, by that i mean when right side is lit up all the way to the edge, left side has one segment black. Would be cool if maker would fix this ;)

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  5. Rexazor

    Rexazor New Member

    I dont have the save settings, where's it at? :eek:
  6. deathlessgamer4

    deathlessgamer4 New Member

    same some help would be appreciated
  7. WizardWinter

    WizardWinter Member

    why the new cynosa pro chorma does not have. :slightly_sad:
  8. Niyada

    Niyada New Member

    For me it's working but only if i don't connect my audio output to anything... As i plug the audio cable in the Visualization Preview turns bblack and so does the keyboard. And that's certainly bad, because without any Speakers connect to my PC I can't hear anything.

    Can anyone help me :)

    Ok i foud a solution: When no audio cable is connected the audio siginal is played by my monitor via HDMI. As soon as I connect the speakers it's played via them. And the Keyboard Visualizer only works with the monitor output. Im Going to run my audio from the PC to the monitor via HDMI. And then use the audio output from my monitor to go to the speakers.

    But it would be nice if you could add a function to selecet the audio device ;)
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  9. TeoTeam

    TeoTeam New Member

    I got a problem here. i got the blackwidow chroma v2 and the firefly pad. they are both working. Now i have install the mouse naga chroma but it don't work. it will keep on its spectral effect will the other 2 is working with the audio visualizer. I uninstalled synapse 2 et reinstalled it. nothing change. i also cant find any way to uninstall the keyboardvisualizervc. it will always stay listed in the chroma apps list....

    Anyone can help ?
  10. I have a problem the program isnt detecting any sound from my speakers but will detect sound though my mic when i change the settings any help?
  11. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    Out of curiosity, does this work with the new Synapse Beta? Because I'm using that and can't find the tab for the audio visualiser...
  12. Babasmas

    Babasmas New Member

    People might've asked this already but will it work with the Overwatch version of the BW chroma and the DeathAdder (Elite or not) OW version ?

    (Was waiting for so long to get an audio vizualiser ♥)
  13. BBCakes

    BBCakes New Member

    Hey, my Keyboard Visualizer wont work i am on version 3.5 i have a razer blackwidow chroma and when ever i use my razer kraken it wont work but I plugged in my apple earbuds and it worked also it will work with my mic. Can anyone please help, Thanks!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  14. NightIRAZER

    NightIRAZER New Member

    if i dont have keyboard it work with razer mamba TE ?
  15. BBCakes

    BBCakes New Member

    Yes it should i use one and it works amazing
  16. Mati8989

    Mati8989 New Member

    Program can start automatic with windows? I dont have effect when i close this program. Must be minimalize ;(
  17. Timinepro.

    Timinepro. New Member

    Hello I Razer Ornata Chroma I test the keyboard viewer but it does not work with my keyboard... He is not compatible?

    Sorry if I write badly I'm french :)
  18. IceKacang

    IceKacang Active Member

    When I plug in Razer Kraken 7.1 V2, the visualizer cannot function. Is this a bug? How you guys make visualizer works when plug in Kraken 7.1 V2?
  19. Vactro

    Vactro New Member

    The Razer Firefly work perfectly and without touch synapse 3.0 but the Blackwidow X Chroma (I know he's not in the list) just freeze with the chroma profil and even I close synapse it doesn't work.

    Is there any plan to add the audio visualiser as native in the chroma studio ? It can be amazing :eek:

    Sorry for the double post but I forgot to download the latest version of Audio Visualiser (3.05) and now all my chroma device work with the audio visualise, just the naga epic but because I use it wireless but when I plug in it work too :)
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  20. bucketofbrain

    bucketofbrain New Member

    Really hope you guys would add support for the RBP 2017 :/
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