Rock your Razer Chroma devices with the Audio Visualizer

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Razer|Rfx, Sep 28, 2015.

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    What About Ornato Chrome Keyboards
  2. hi
    i dont know why wireless mamba not working with the visualizer and my razer blade pro 2016 keyboerd only the trak pad works othe than that every thing working fine
  3. TermoZour

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    Downloaded the program, already had Visual C++ installed (the installer provided confirmed it) but when I open the app the keyboard animations freeze until I close the app. I'm using the Razer Cynosa Chroma Keyboard
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    I updated to the latest Synapse 3 Beta that supports Philips Hue lighting and this app actually works with all the lighting, amazing! Didn't even have to get a new release from CalcProgrammer, it just works already somehow! So cool. :smile_:
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  5. Momentuem

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    Hey so does it work on razer cynosa chroma ? I want to buy it how are your feeling about this keyboard?
  6. WizardWinter

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    need to add cynosa pro chroma, please
  7. TermoZour

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    As for the keyboard, it's really awesome and I am enjoying the almost silent keys, LEDs are strong and vibrant, overall one of the best keyboards so far.

    As for the program, it doesn't work with this keyboard. maybe because the keyboard is just very new and the program hasn't been updated for it yet. The visualizer on the program works and all, it's just the keyboard lights that freeze whenever I turn on the program. GameDog works just fine though. Razer Ambient Lighting freezes the keyboard lights too, so I'm assuming it's the program which is not updated.
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    try using this link i found it on yt maybe it Will work if you dont want to enter link write razer cynosa pro audio visualizer fix and look for 30 second video it says to add Command to audio visualizer config

    If you See the pic just write it if u dont enter config and write razer_use_keyboard_generic_effect

    Guy says he get it working, try it if u can please i want to buy it but if it doesnt work i think ill pick ornata to sync with mouse mousepad and my basestation

    Yes the above Subject. No I haven't had time to chk forums for myself. Need a quick answer & no Trolls. Thank you.

    Also what are some useful hard to find commands to use with the Chroma Configurator?
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    I managed to get the app to work . The trick in the video helped. I can now enjoy the visualizer :D Thanks
  10. Momentuem

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    No problem im glad i cold help, now im confident to buy cynosa chroma pro
  11. WizardWinter

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    This works! nice work thanks man!
  12. Alyvax

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    Also works on the Razer Lancehead but doesn't work on the Ornata Chroma
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    this app is fantastic its like a big party imagine with big speakers we be all like De@dMou5e
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    it doesnt work for me:frown_:. why? anything else i can try? (incase you didnt know i have cynosa chroma)
    plz reply as fast as possible
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    it works for me for the speakers but not man o war plus i got many of the icons in my tray icon. Also it only works on the microphone ONLY of the man o war is anyone also having the same problems as me playing the headset on the audio visualizer

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    I have a blackwidow X chroma, is this supported or no?
  17. Chromakid1989

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    I think so bc im using V2 of the Blackwidow Chroma if you use speakers but if you have man o war it works on old versions 1.0-2.0 but it doesnt work on the new versions after that
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  18. where do i download? because everytime i click the area where there's the chroma workshop with the apps, i just goes to the regular chroma website. i download audio visualizer before, but i deleted it cause it glitched and stopped working and hoped to redownload it.
  19. Chromakid1989

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    apparently there is a bug in the website
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    Will other Chroma products be added as a supported device? such as the Razer Cynosa or Razer Ornata keyboards or Orbweavers?