RZ09-0369x Bios update?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Kupoback, Feb 7, 2022.

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  1. Kupoback

    Kupoback New Member

    I currently upgraded the stock RAM from the 16GB kit to Crucial 32GB (16x2) kit - DDR 4 3200 SODIMM. Part number BL2K16G32C16S4B. I am trying to get the RAM to run at the 3200MHz speed, but it seems stuck at 2666. Is there a BIOS update that I can do, or some setting I missed in the BIOS to enable the correct speed for the RAM sticks?
  2. Rise-N

    Rise-N New Member

    Have you enable XMP (Intel) or AMP (AMD) in bios. That will overclock RAM to the advertised speeds.
  3. Kupoback

    Kupoback New Member

    There is no XMP setting in the bios.
  4. Rise-N

    Rise-N New Member

    If you have no memory overclock setting in BIOS then to my knowledge you're stuck at 2666 MHz
  5. SnowZp

    SnowZp New Member

    same problem here, cant find any bios update dowloads. Please tag me if you found a solution
  6. Kupoback

    Kupoback New Member

    According to their own FAQ there’s support for up to 3200 MHz ram speeds meaning there’s gotta be a way to get this setting adjusted. Even the default RAM timings were incorrect.
    Also it’s not an over clock, but the speed that the manufacturer states the ram can run at.

  7. Rise-N

    Rise-N New Member

    To get the advertised speed from RAM you have to enable XMP / AMP profile in bios. It is what boosts your ram to what the manufacturer says it will run at. A quick google search brought this up though on the razer subreddit.


    I contacted them on Christmas Eve to infer about the XMP on the 2020 Blade Base I just got. Today, January 11th, I FINALLY got a clear answer from them. TLDR: They're fucks and recanted their article about XMP being supported on the Base.


    Razer final reply (spelling error included)

    Thank you for your patience.

    We got feedback from our team regarding your concern. We would like to inform you that the Xmp profile is only supported with the Razer Blade Advanced model 15, studio edition, and Razer Balde Pro 17.

    Should you need any further assistance, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

    Best Regards,
    Sr. Technical Adviser

  8. Rise-N

    Rise-N New Member

    A bit vocal on their disdain of razer, but from what I can discern from articles I read the base model doesn't have XMP so you cannot get the advertised 3200 MHz out of your RAM unless they update the BIOS.
  9. Kupoback

    Kupoback New Member

    Fantastic, so Razer, despite not even updating their documentation here on their site, has no bios updates for the Base Model and as such, there will be no way to actual enable XMP.

    Wish I knew about this before I made this purchase, cuz it's rather annoying, and I could have saved a bit of money buying RAM with lower clock speeds since I can't get it's full capability anyways.
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