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[SALE OVER] [EU] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. ThaOnZo

    ThaOnZo New Member

    Yea but I meant that support won't answer before tomorrow, they are rather busy and even when it's not busy they don't answer that quickly ;)
  2. AXLLs

    AXLLs New Member

    I'm currently clicking myself through the german store (want to buy the tactical bag with the promo code I got) but there's no option to buy a single product... :slightly_sad: I'm not kidding! I've tried it with other different products and it seems to me like the "buy button" has been removed or isn't available right now.
    When I go to the US store and try to ad something to my cart it works and everything looks fine...

    Does somebody know what's going on? Cause last time it was like this, too.
  3. Wow! Anyone know if the Seiren will be included in EU at all?
  4. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    No, they put it in the first post. The Leviathan won't be in stock.
  5. Amysoftpaws

    Amysoftpaws New Member

    That sucks =( so i've waited for nothing last week ... Can't we just "pre-order" it or something like this ?
  6. scorchnl

    scorchnl New Member

    Scroll through the past few pages of replies. I've already had this discussion.
  7. hinhsan

    hinhsan New Member

    Razers effort is outstanding even if some items are not available. To have split the sale according to time zones they have listen to us again. Got me excited for what is to come this year. Good luck to everyone on this sale.
  8. staiman

    staiman New Member

    to me it looks like every major part is not available.(german store) This morning the kraken 7.1 was still there, but know it is also gone...
    I think this will be the first CES sale in three years were i'll be not getting what i wanted to get.
  9. W.Gibson

    W.Gibson New Member

    Totally missed out on the registration so hopefully some more things like this pop up in the future. Gives me an excuse to buy new toys :)
  10. Amysoftpaws

    Amysoftpaws New Member

    Why don't you just add a "pre-order" button on things aren't in stock for now ?
  11. plcheng

    plcheng New Member

    I always wanted to be able to buy something from razerzone and having this sale is a great way to do it getting a good discount. But the problem is that the shipping is extremely large for Cyprus even if it is a European country. For example, I wanted to get the Kraken 7.1 which costs 89.99 Euro but it costs 92.90 for shipping which makes a Kraken cost 182.89 Euro.
  12. tecdawreck

    tecdawreck New Member

    I might be wrong, but I think Razer is holding back some of its products to restock the stores, when the sale begins tomorrow.
    staiman likes this.
  13. Kuro.Mun

    Kuro.Mun New Member

    Good luck I hope I need one
  14. subzikid

    subzikid New Member

    Will the Seiren be in stock for the sale tomorrow? :)
  15. Theps1Project

    Theps1Project New Member

    I also have this problem. Do I have to contact them because of my situation in particular or do all the codes that were unable to finish the purchase will be activated.
  16. Womanek

    Womanek New Member

    Will it be a problem if I use my husbands credit card? Can a billing name be different than the name in my account? ;)
  17. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I wouldn't hold my breath.. it's what they said last time too but that didn't happen (or either stocks were so limited they didn't even show up)
  18. stewartps

    stewartps New Member

    Hmm looks like there's some CSS issues at the minute on the checkout page. I'm just preparing for it, and it won't let me enter a promo code either. I know i can't enter it till tomorrow, but i can't select the checkbox to enter one :/ Really hope it's fixed soon
  19. Georgeguest1

    Georgeguest1 New Member

    that will be fine, but it could cause a divorce!
    Womanek likes this.
  20. lucazkoh

    lucazkoh New Member

    Didn't manage to pick up my mamba the last time, hope I manage to snag one this time!
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