[SALE OVER] [NA] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. dfalcon5

    dfalcon5 New Member

    The Chroma keyboards will be available for the first hour of the remedial sale, wipe those tears big boy.
  2. AYRAX

    AYRAX New Member

    I really wanted the Deathadder Chroma but now I only got the Deathadder Classic. I waited front of my screen for hours to have it reloaded, for what? For maybe a 20 dollar hopeful discount.
  3. LordPurple

    LordPurple New Member

    I dont think it's possible.
  4. QueenOfBlades

    QueenOfBlades New Member

    Hey Razer team i hope you guys don't mind all the cry babies here, i actually am one of the few that really appreciates all of your efforts to give some of us a second chance!! and the fact that you are doing everything to restock items in time for the sale is an amazing feat!! i love your company!! and you now have 1 more loyal razer customer in your books :) thank you so much!! this really is a for gamers by gamers company :) thank you for all your hard work!!!

    GAME ON,
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  5. ONYXCherryfirst995

    ONYXCherryfirst995 New Member

    Same question here. Based on what happened before, I guess US customers are out of luck this time as well?
  6. 2222223

    2222223 New Member

    If there are 2 people in my household ordering for themselves will the order be cancelled due to the same shipping address?
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  7. aREV4u

    aREV4u New Member

    Thank you for responding to the posts, and confirming that the BW Chromas will be out of stock (it helps me to be more confident in my expectations of the sale).

    I am assuming that another week delay on the remedial sale wouldn't have helped with stock? In my specific case, the remedial sale will not help me with the code error. I wish I had realized they were switched during the first minute of the first sale :slightly_sad:
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  8. dfalcon5

    dfalcon5 New Member

    Yes your order will be cancelled if more than 1 item is being ordered to same address. Just ship to your neighbors.
  9. how do you know?
  10. mongerj

    mongerj New Member

    I have a code that I will not be using unless by some miracle I can order a BW chroma stealth.....if anyone would like this code please message me. I will not be needing it otherwise.
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  11. Jac_Har

    Jac_Har New Member

    Can we see some black widow stealths back in stock in time of the sale?
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  12. LordPurple

    LordPurple New Member

    The tax money doesnt go to razer, it goes to the state/government.
  13. LordPurple

    LordPurple New Member

    Yes, one order will be cancelled.
  14. trashteam

    trashteam New Member

    i was unable to order during the first sale yet when i click the get code here link
    nothing shows up
  15. dfalcon5

    dfalcon5 New Member

    The rumor is that the Chroma keyboards will be available only for the first hour of the remedial sale not sure about anything else.
  16. aREV4u

    aREV4u New Member

    I don't see how that is relevant to LVNeptune's post... a website doesn't have to charge tax on a purchase unless the company (razer) has something like a distribution center in his state.

    I think it's a good post, in either the case that Razer actually made a mistake and they can change it or the case that they do have a presence in Nevada (with Las Vegas being my hometown, I would like to know if they had distribution from there).
  17. QueenOfBlades

    QueenOfBlades New Member

    yeah i heard about this too, its nice of them even though all of you are being so mean to razer. they are a nice company if you watch there videos with sydicate. you will see that they are not bad people. GO TEAM RAZER!!
  18. alberto.dave

    alberto.dave New Member

    I will be frantically refreshing my Razer store page for that first hour till I can order my Chroma stealth.
  19. Jac_Har

    Jac_Har New Member

    Let's hope so, the standard price is just to high for me.
  20. Jac_Har

    Jac_Har New Member

    you and me both. Good luck to all!
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