[SALE OVER] [NA] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. SpearOfFlame

    SpearOfFlame New Member

    And of kittening course, naga epic is out of stock 1 minute after the sale. wtf, was there only a few available? This sale is pretty crappy, since it seems there is very few of each item available for the sale...
  2. Grats to all who got the leviathan, sucks for the 90% of the people wanted the chroma keyboard like i did. Still in my opinion is unfair for the people to get it in the first sale with the messed up codes but not give a fair chance to the people on this sale. oh well i guess
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  3. KFChocobo

    KFChocobo New Member

    Got mine! Thank you Razer!
  4. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Interesting... lots of posts about BlackWidow Chroma's and the leading thing people are buying and posting about are Leviathan's!
  5. geekify

    geekify New Member

    Yay! Got a Leviathan also, my Mako's will be lonely no longer.
  6. Yamate

    Yamate New Member

    Got a Leviathan confirmation! Yes! Thanks, Min-Liang Tan and Razer, for another chance at your celebratory sale! Your products are awesome!
  7. Swanson

    Swanson New Member

    So when I checked 2 or 3 days ago you were in stock on the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth. Did someone come and snatch them all up before the sale?
  8. ibenifty

    ibenifty New Member

    Missed the Blackwidow Ultimate Classic, but got the CLG one!
  9. So cool. The backpack that I wanted wasn't in stock for the first sale. I actually benefited from the mix-up. Thanks for being such a great company.
  10. Tezenari

    Tezenari New Member

    Thank you Razer and Min for giving us a second chance!
  11. Code still not working for me -.- (FR store)
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  12. Surrealist

    Surrealist New Member

    Just bought a blade 14 256!
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  13. I JUST GOT A NEW ATROX FOR MY PC!!! *waves arms wildly*

    Thank you Razer!! And congrats on the win at CES!
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  14. hjilp

    hjilp Member

    Transaction was flawless, thank you very much.
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  15. poppinballoon

    poppinballoon New Member

    Bloody Hell Nonthing is in stock :angry:
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  16. Once again this sucks I used my code in the confusion for a damn headset stand which is nice but I knly got it because I thought I missed out on the sale because the code switch and the servers being overloaded. Now I just wanted a leviathan and no matter what I stick by razer but I just which you gave new codes out so I could have gotten my leviathan just invade I added one to my cart and tried the code to no avail... Guess I'll just have to wait another year.

    But I will save thank you razer and min you are great.

    By the way everyone complaining it's not in stock. It was all in stock at 9 pm for me you just weren't fast enough. 10s of thousands of people all gunning for the same stuff it's gonna sell out in minutes
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  17. DaveJK

    DaveJK New Member

    First 5 minutes and all keyboards sold out? Thanks for at least trying to have a sale.
  18. Kritzadin

    Kritzadin New Member

    Woohoo! Thanks for nothing.
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  19. Gautsie

    Gautsie New Member

    Why is my code still not working?! This is awful!
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  20. ninjakilleh

    ninjakilleh New Member

    well i didnt get the naga chroma it went out of stock that fast, but i did get the mamba so im still happy. thnx crappy dunkin doughnuts wifi, im at work by the way lol
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  21. SpaceJam_on_VHS

    SpaceJam_on_VHS New Member

    Leviathan has been ordered! Can't wait!
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