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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. My code says it was used...I entered it for the original sale but never completed a purchase, is there any update on this?
  2. Balasar

    Balasar New Member

    For those that did not manage to get in right now - we'll be providing more details on the remedial sale very soon.
    This is from the update on the original thread, wheres the info you are refering to?
    Also, what thread was posted 2 days before the sale started?
    Can you prove what you are saying?
  3. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    I have been looking for the thread they created over the weekend but it looks like they removed it at some point, maybe once all three individual regional threads were created. I had a couple of posts in it, and was watching it.. but it seems to be gone. It was a short post explaining that the Remedial Sale would be split into 3 separate regional sales, that a new thread with the start date/time as well as links to out codes would be put up 24 hours before the start of each one, and that it would only be announced here and nowhere else The rest of us not only saw it and posted in it. I am sorry you missed it.

    EDIT: I will add that had they not had that other thread (which is now gone for some odd reason) informing us to keep an eye out here I would never had known and would have also missed it, since I normally don't come online much on Sunday or holidays.

    EDIT2: Hah.. pays to keep looking. I found it.. it was in the General Discussions forum instead of the CES one. Hmm.. I guess I didn't post in that one. Thought I did. I was also off on the time. I thought I saw it earlier Sat, but it was actually just after Midnight Sun. I must have seen it right before going to bed.
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  4. Balasar

    Balasar New Member

    I will take your word for it.
    Even still, that is not a very orginized sale. I am not the only one who missed out on this sale.
    After the mix-up with the last sale, which everyone was well aware of and ready for, I would have thought they would have taken measure to ensure everyone would be updated about this sale. I am not going to boycott razer or say they suck or anything, because i know this sale was an opportunity not a right. But i cant say that i am happy with the way it went. Hopefully they will have the sale again next year when they undoubtably win CES again, and hopefully they will organize it better.
  5. xycury

    xycury New Member

    They said 3 items would not come back, that gave the illusion that some other items would come back that never did.

    kinda make a false claim and giving people hope when there wasn't any.
  6. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    My friend have unused blade code if you want. sale is still on going for another 11hrs.
  7. Found a fix for the promo code claiming it is used when you never purchased.

    Type the shit in, don't copy paste lol.
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  8. Balasar

    Balasar New Member

    Thanks for the info, i really do appreciate the work you went through to get that.
    My problem with it is like you noticed, this certainly pertains to the CES 2015 sale, and yet it is no where to be found when searching for the CES 2015 category in the forums. Either way, i have missed this sale, and i think it could have been handled a lot better. I am still happy others were able to take advantage of it, and I hope they do it again next year.
  9. Raindrop89

    Raindrop89 New Member

    Glad you gave others the chance to get in on the sale :) It was very thoughtful of you guys. Kinda bummed that I didn't manage to get a keyboard since most weren't in stock when the sale went live, but I appreciate the fact that Razer does sales like this at all! Great work!
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  10. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    back ordered for sure.
  11. xycury

    xycury New Member

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  12. Modoru

    Modoru New Member

    Gonna wait a few more hours, then the code's free to use, tbh.
    Here's the blade code, if anyone wants it. I can assure you I'm not getting one of those.


    Happy shopping.
  13. xycury

    xycury New Member

    LOL they haven't restocked anything, everything that was out of stock, stayed out of stock, stuff that was there prior to it, was in stock and "magically" went out of stock.

    82% they said items were in stock, were talking about their Accessories and mousepads.

    8 out of 20 kb in stock 11 out of 18 mice in stock, when I checked at the start.

    I've done the math... that's 50%
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  14. thef33nyx

    thef33nyx Member

    Just got a refurbished 2014 Razer blade with 512GB! Now thats a good F*ing deal!! A few hiccups with paypal. I just made the purchase like its a guest account and it got through fine. Wish there were more stuff left. If i don't get a peripheral I'll post my code on here so someone else can partake.
  15. asher.s

    asher.s New Member

    If anyone would like my Blade code, it's 4metid833 - I have no intention of buying another computer :)
  16. zer0bit

    zer0bit New Member

    So I wasn't able to use my code during the first sale and now it disappeared and I am unable to retrieve it. Support message sent but turnaround time is 24+ hours. Not cool Razor and not a good first impression of your site!
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  17. SWonger

    SWonger New Member

    The Tiamat headsets were sold out immediately.. oh well. I'm more interested in the Forge TV anyway, hopefully they have a good bundle and incentive to buy extra Serval controllers!
  18. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

    Find someone else's code. If you added the code and went through checkout but didn't complete purchase the code is used, sorry.
  19. zer0bit

    zer0bit New Member

    If anyone has an unused code I can use for a controller I would really appreciate it since they screwed my code up. Please pm me with it. Thanks.
  20. Not everything was in stock, but roughly 82% was back in stock. Sale was, by definition, near the end of the month. Near the end of the month and "end of the month" are completely different things. The 19th/20th is 2/3's of the way through the month. The information about the sale was notified through Facebook, Min's page and Razers page, and twitter. Both were posted a day before the actual sale during the time which you were able to retrieve your code again. Don't be blaming the company for lack of notification if you didn't bother liking the company's pages considering they deserve a like for their great products. And just because a couple popular items weren't in stock doesn't mean Razer started the sale "without stock", whatever that means.
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