[SALE OVER] [NA] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. autigers2011

    autigers2011 New Member

    Its just for the Blade. I don't know if its against the rules to post the code in thread so just email me and ill send you the Blade code. Email: autigers2011@gmail.com
  2. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    Yes i know its back order but how long it usually takes ? 1 month ...
  3. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    No idea.... I've been waiting for mine for 2 weeks now and still no shipment. So far all I got from support is they'll ship it when they get it.
  4. SofaProfessor

    SofaProfessor New Member

    I realize that my code is only useable for one item in one order, but am I unable to add another full priced item to my order in order to qualify for free shipping? Every time I add a second item the code drops off completely. It seems silly that I wouldn't be able to do this. Especially since when I take 50% off the item I want, the shipping charges make the item more expensive than its full price with free shipping.
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  5. Eldwardo55

    Eldwardo55 Member

    I got a Leviathan. Might as well :)
  6. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    ok i had the seiren in my cart and soon as 6 hit I was unable to buy it.
    (this was yesterday encase you didn't get that) been trying find a way to get once ....

    sigh* oh well
  7. KippKyEva

    KippKyEva New Member

    Evidently, I overlooked this post. Good thing I went searching today. My BW Ultimates were out of stock, but at least I was able to snag a regular BW. Not exactly what I wanted, but it will still be leaps and bounds better than the 10-year-old Saitek I'm using now. :)
  8. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    You can only have one item in your cart if you want to use the code. If you want a second item you would have to create another order.
  9. SofaProfessor

    SofaProfessor New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Not what I wanted to hear but that's the way she goes I guess. Definitely won't be ordering from the sale if shipping makes the item more expensive than ordering from Amazon.

    If anyone wants my codes, here you go:
    Peripherals: bugi27ffh
    Systems: obv3ni9gz

    Enjoy and happy shopping!
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  10. xycury

    xycury New Member

    Oh definitely!

    There's mousepads, use the 50% off, plus the shipping, and you only pay $3 more than the original cost of the mousepad, which can be had for cheaper on Amazon.
  11. zer0bit

    zer0bit New Member

    Looks like someone grabbed that code already SofaProfessor, thanks anyways. If someone has a peripheral code they are not using could you please PM me with it. Thank you.
  12. DeluxeCanadian

    DeluxeCanadian New Member

    Missed it.... Too bad....
  13. xslki

    xslki New Member

    Thanks for doing the sale again.
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  14. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    Unfortunately, the only way to use this promo code is by only having one item in your cart.
  15. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    Omg so nice from Razer ... sale something they dont even have it ...

    i w8 only 5 days more and i refund money if they wont shipp it
  16. martin.radosevic000

    martin.radosevic000 New Member

    And how about EU? :/
  17. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Does it really matter? Some people said they'd just be happy if they could order one with the code. They said they'd be willing to wait for however long it would take. I suppose there are limits to "however long", like a month?
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  18. ME4Twaffle

    ME4Twaffle New Member

    It's kind of funny seeing people whine about backorders after getting 50% off, especially on the BW Chroma / Stealth. That's $85 off with free shipping! Calm your tits!
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  19. Giertje

    Giertje New Member

    no sale for me :slightly_sad:
  20. Giertje

    Giertje New Member

    we all do ;)
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