[SALE OVER] [NA] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. Giertje

    Giertje New Member

    I Hope so.....
  2. icejim

    icejim New Member

    The razer-naga-epic-chroma is still availabe
  3. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    Man it does matter, I payed 85 Euro for chroma on razerstore but i could pay 105 euro normal price in shop. Diference is about 20 euro if i knew it will take 10 days i will giva a ... and spent these 20 euro more ...
  4. SandDIAMONDthink200

    SandDIAMONDthink200 New Member

    Is anyone else getting the "Payment Authorization Failed" error? No matter payment method I use, no matter what item i purchase. I get the same issue. I just want to purchase 2 blades!!!! People getting this issue should have their codes extended until this is fixed.
  5. xPeriwinklepulse448

    xPeriwinklepulse448 New Member

    What a joke. Seriously. "End of January" is not the same as announcing it on Sunday night. Razer you screwed up the with the code swap in the original sale and now this. *golf clap*
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  6. I just spotted this and what the hell?!?!? Of course the second sale went smoother, as you barely announced it! Did you think to announce via Twitter...or to add another update to the original thread...or email Insiders?!?!?

    Now everything I wanted is out of stock. Epic Razer Sale FAIL # 2!!!!!!

    You just lost me as a customer....

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  7. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    They did announce it on twitter and informed everyone to check the insider for more details about the sale.
  8. zer0bit

    zer0bit New Member

    SubaWOO, Sorry to hear that everything you wanted is out of stock, If you are not using your peripheral code could I have it please? I would really appreciate it. If so could you please PM it to me. Thank you.
  9. MrPokerFace14

    MrPokerFace14 New Member

    Check out WITHOUT logging in should be ok now ;)
  10. SandDIAMONDthink200

    SandDIAMONDthink200 New Member

    Tried that multiple times.....still doesn't work. Even used different codes from different people.
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  11. They announced on their CEO's Twitter and not the regular Twitter and didn't update the original forum thread, which they had updated twice previously. Just saying that communication could have been better....
  12. SandDIAMONDthink200

    SandDIAMONDthink200 New Member

    Ok. Guest check out didn't work. But creating a new user finally worked. Can't wait for my 2 new blades!
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  13. MrPokerFace14

    MrPokerFace14 New Member

    Sorry for that, im to hear that you finally got them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    They didn't want to make it as public because it was picked up by practically every news site. This sale was meant to be low key. They also created a different thread on Razer Insider. It was all about paying attention.
  15. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    I missed it due to work and everything I wanted is out of stock or on backorder lol but I'm thankful that a sale was held after all. hopefully not too many people are butt hurt - first come, first served
  16. MechaAmigo

    MechaAmigo New Member

    I picked one up as well, it seems to be very polarizing so it'll be interesting to see it when it comes in (plus if the lack of mechanical keys really gets to me, I can always fall back on my BW Ulimate :D ).
  17. xycury

    xycury New Member

    Unless it's first come to an empty bowl....
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  18. ShadowWolf471

    ShadowWolf471 Member

    It wasn't an empty bowl. There was quite a large selection to pick from.

    Just because what you wanted in that bowl wasn't there doesn't make it an empty bowl.

    I walked away happy with a Naga Epic Chroma after customer support fixed my Payment Auth Failed issue.
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  19. Leeto

    Leeto New Member

    I'm pretty disappointed that they didn't at least send an email to Insiders. The big sellers (chroma keyboards) weren't in stock anyways so oh well.
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  20. davidrmartin77

    davidrmartin77 New Member

    Has anyone been successful in getting the Leviathan in the Remedial Sale? Both the Canada page (where I a live) and the US page suggest Notify Me as the availability....
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