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Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. selkan

    selkan New Member

    Thank you Razer!! :D
  2. ILLID4N25

    ILLID4N25 New Member

    Thanks Razer for being awesome :D getting closer to that mug holder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. Threemoons

    Threemoons Active Member

    QUESTION: Any ETA on when the Chroma Cup Holder will drop?
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  4. DARKKi

    DARKKi Active Member

    Oh damn. No i have to worry about this too! :wink_:
  5. iubjaved

    iubjaved Active Member

    Thank you. Although i would love to access razer insider as well as razer arena from within the Razer app that i installed along with cortex.
  6. PharticusMaximus

    PharticusMaximus New Member

    I think it's a little delayed of buggy still. I do some of the stuff and it still says I didn't like associating external accounts.

    also it says "Your zVault Session has expired. Please log out and log in again to Insider."

    Even when I just logged in 5 minutes ago.
  7. chuwariwap

    chuwariwap New Member

    nice! another way to earn zsilver!
  8. kansasjeremy

    kansasjeremy Active Member

    Wish finding the rewards page was easier to find on mobile
  9. Ehrenofcorse

    Ehrenofcorse New Member

    Nice addition, but the razer app really needs some work. Feels clunky at times.
  10. Brodie_3K

    Brodie_3K New Member

    Me wants the Mug.
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  11. Midnight0114

    Midnight0114 New Member

    Does anyone know what the may changes to the z-silver catalogue are?
  12. raidershate

    raidershate New Member

    Whao, thanks razer , for more way to earn zsilver. I can´t wait for the events
  13. SparakakOssas

    SparakakOssas New Member

    I have already 2.5k zsilver but i cant take the USD5 RazerStore Mouse Discount HUHUHUHU There is no available country on Philippines! I'M SO MAD NOW!
  14. FFL_Venom

    FFL_Venom New Member

    This is awesome!!! Starting to rack up points heading for that chroma mug. So cool, I have an all chroma set up too. That would make it perfect.
  15. Pheonixstar

    Pheonixstar New Member

    How do you get to be an insider mod? congrats on the job though :)
  16. What is the rate in which zSilver is earned through forum participation? Is it based off number of discussions positively participated in or number of successful helping/troubleshooting of fellow forum members questions/issues?
  17. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    It's just Posts and Likes. Click on "Rewards" at the top of your screen to see the full list and amounts.
  18. Onyx5

    Onyx5 New Member

    so this is going to be fun get free stuff just by posting
  19. SAxoRl33t

    SAxoRl33t New Member

    The Razer Mug Holder has a limited quantity. which means when they are gone, they are gone. But if we're lucky they might make more when the other ones are gone :)
  20. Drako1344

    Drako1344 New Member

    I want this mug so much *_* Like everything i think ^^
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