Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. 7he3vent

    7he3vent New Member

    All improves are welcome so thanks for it.
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  2. Capicavara

    Capicavara New Member

    You guys are planning to add War Thunder tournaments and as a Insider game?
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  3. Akabishop

    Akabishop New Member

    This is great news. However i wonder if we can exchange for Razer Blade xD for 5million zSilver? I would!!
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  4. MuffinToddler

    MuffinToddler New Member

    I haven't used the forums much, but now I know I should! Haha, thanks Razer for implementing something like this.
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  5. rezyn8

    rezyn8 New Member

    Hope we get to see more Blizzard titles added to the list of games to earn zSilver. Would be nice to increase the amount of zSilver earned as well instead of capping it at 900 a day ;)
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  6. drey000

    drey000 New Member

    Razer me corteza Parece un buen Programa Para Hacer estreaming y Grabaciones ya lo e utilizado y eso que mi pc no es de buen rendimiento pero bueno hay vamos
  7. EmeraldCore

    EmeraldCore Member

    THE HYPE IS REAL! The wait is now over and now we are shown the beauty of Razer insider rewards :eek:
  8. michaelaulia

    michaelaulia New Member

    It's pretty cool! Played Overwatch last night and got zSilver points as promised :)

    Too bad the Razer Chroma Mug won't be in the shop forever though zzz
  9. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Yeah, I think that making Razer gear able to be purchased with zGold would be the ultimate show of paying into the zSystem. Purchase zGold at equivalent amounts, then use that zGold to buy a Razer product, and possibly earning zSilver with the zGold use . . . it makes perfect sense. Then using whatever zGold is left over from a particular top-up to buy games . . . and then play those games with the Razer gear that was just bought . . . the circle of #Razer4Life!

    The only drawback on Razer's side that I can think of is that with the earning of zS from buying and using zG, they'll end up giving stuff away, but they do that anyway with the free items available with particular purchases. They can finally do away with that if they open the zSystem up completely.

    (And then there's the possible loss of money on each zGold/gear transaction if whatever bank they go through to process the actual money into zGold, but we won't ever know the backend details).
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  10. Kidlightning

    Kidlightning Member

    nice! looking forward to get that ChromaMug
  11. MixelVain

    MixelVain Member

    Can I still claim my old rewards? I didn't get to use the code for my necklace
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  12. Quiloren

    Quiloren Member

    Looks cool, only problem I see is that it leaves the reward value really low. The cumulative amount you'll get for posting 1000 posts is equivalent to about 5 hours of game playing via cortex, which is a super low amount. I'm sure the longer list you mentioned will fix that in the future though!
  13. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Well, that will definitely deter spam-posting, won't it? I think maybe that was the idea: to somehow make the reward for getting a high post-count less, while still maintaining a reward for a high post-count in the first place.
  14. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    This is definitely an interesting tweak to the rewards system. Although a little disappointed that 500 posts won't get that mouse - I never seriously pursued it, myself (have a limited green edition Naga I'm happy with), so no idea if you got an actual mouse or a discount on it - I'm keeping an open mind here, and looking forward to what's in store! :D


  15. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Previous rewards on Razer Insider are attached to a purchase on the RazerStore. With zVault you get access to a growing catalogue of rewards from store discounts to hardware subject to shipping fees.
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  16. x8oN3zX

    x8oN3zX New Member

    I'm looking forward to racking up more Zsilver for the chroma mug.
  17. asherr98

    asherr98 New Member

    Congratz Firebat246 on becoming an Insider Mod!

    Glad to see all the options opening up for people to earn zSilver and can't wait to try it out here.
    Thanks Razer!!
  18. Kizzdude

    Kizzdude New Member

    ooo, I like this :D
    Great to see such love for the community from you guys :heart:
  19. Revan44

    Revan44 New Member

    Awesome! Please add SWTOR to the list....
  20. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    Ah, so the mouse was a freebie if you purchased something? Hah, I kind of figured it might have had a catch like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Anyway, as I say, looking forward to this new rewards system. Only thing that kind of sucks is the shipping bit; might be a slight deterrent for me, as I think shipping is some crazy amount for me in Canada - just checked the cost on a small mouse mat and shipping is nearly $50, which seems crazy to me because I actually have shipped things that are bigger and heavier via standard Canada Post shipping to places (one time I shipped something it was a province or two over from me) and it has only cost me like $20-$30 at most. I may not be likely to benefit from zSilver, but will still collect it to see if I can maybe get something one day despite the astronomical shipping costs.


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