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Screen Flickering within a few apps

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Sam1227, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. Sam1227

    Sam1227 New Member

    Has anyone seen the phone flicker currently running it on 120 refresh? I've had this issue on YouTube and some other videos after the most recent update, also can see the flicker on some games.
    I am pretty sure the new update is causing it. Never had this issue before the update. Now happens pretty often.
    Any solution on this?
  2. electroception

    electroception New Member

    I too got flickering after the latest update. Its caused by the refresh rate throttle dropping down to a frequency of power saving. i noticed that if i wiggle the display to up the refresh rate, the flickering stops. I wish there was a way to disable the throttle. or for them to release an update that removed that frequency from the auto throttle. Or extended the timer at which the throttle down command executes.
    its definitely apparent though and didn't occur until after the latest update.
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