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Searching for a comparable headset

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KevinJeanguenat, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. KevinJeanguenat

    KevinJeanguenat New Member

    First post! Here it goes!
    I have always had the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2s. I have always enjoyed them. They get very loud, which I like and I have no problems hearing footsteps in games like PUBG and modern warfare. I recently started looking for an upgrade and started looking at some of the competition in the market. I first bought the logitech G Pro X headset. After playing a few rounds of pubg and messing with EQs, I decided I hated them. They sound great, very clear (although flat) but I could not hear footsteps AT ALL in pubg. Certain sounds I am used to hearing loud and clear on the krakens I simply could not hear in the logitech headset that is supposed to sound WAY better! I returned them and tried the Astro A40 with mixamp. Same story.. I love how they sound but cant for the life of me get footsteps to sound as loud as everything else in the game.
    I have the Nari Ultimates ordered and on the way and I'm really hoping that I get the same volume and fullness that I like about the razer krakens. Im curious though if anyone else shares my experience with the krakens and other headsets sounding much quieter that them.
    To be clear, certain sounds on the other headsets were very loud. For example, if I fire a gun in pubg, the sound is deafening. very loud. But walking and running and crawling and wind and subtle sounds that I normally hear MUCH louder on the krakens are much more absent and quiet almost as if they are muffled.

    Thanks guys! I look forward to hopefully getting some feedback.
Thread Status:
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