Seiren X Crackling/Ticking noise

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by sev7nflow, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. sev7nflow

    sev7nflow New Member

    Hi there, Just got a Razer Seiren and when I use it it constantly makes a ticking or cracking noise in the background.

    Whats causing this? Tried diff positions but same sound. WOuld appreciate any fix
  2. polyBlackShadows869

    polyBlackShadows869 New Member

  3. Koreghan

    Koreghan New Member

    No clue, it was working fine for me for months but suddenly it stopped working how it used to and no matter what I try to do to fix this noise issue, nothing seems to work.
  4. dizzere

    dizzere New Member

    Im having this exact same issue with no solution?
  5. abuzafril1978

    abuzafril1978 New Member

    Came here looking for a solution.... Having the same issue...No help from Razer?
  6. bart29

    bart29 New Member

  7. Wormyyy

    Wormyyy New Member

    Having the same issue, even with my freshly opened Razer Seiren X I receieved after RMAing the one I bought. Super disappointing that this level of quality is coming from Razer -- even $10 microphones can get this right.
  8. existingpotatohead

    existingpotatohead New Member

    I would reccomend using the warranty and send it back if this issue keeps happening ask for a refund or somethin I haven't bought this product but it seems like the best option and make sure it's not too close to your mouth or get a pop filter
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