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Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by Solid_Snake, Oct 16, 2017.


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  1. SolidSnakeee

    SolidSnakeee Member

    I think it would be much better to select for your role before finding a match, don't you guys think? That way, we can avoid bad drafting and make a better strategy because we all have our own roles to play.
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  2. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    League adopted a system not too long ago that lets you select two positions, which is your first preference, and which is your second preference. You don't always get your first preference, but that way queue's don't take 8 million years because everyone only picks a few positions and no one will play support, haha. It seems to be working really well for them. I am surprised Dota and Smite haven't adopted something similar.
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  3. Farees_Raza

    Farees_Raza New Member

    I'm assuming you got this idea from league. It would definitely halt all the arguments during the picking phase. Don't know why Valve hasn't implemented this yet. But, their system already takes 15 minutes to que up for a match, adding extra specifications like positions?... You'll probably find a random death match session in Australia faster than this idea, considering everyone will either pick carry and no one will pick 5 as a support.
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  4. JoeAyres

    JoeAyres New Member

    It could encourage more people to pick p4/p5 if they get a game faster that way?

    saying that you could get people picking p5 just to get a game then picking whatever hero they wanted in the first place and forcing it. I don't play league so not sure how it works there but sounds like a good idea if it could be figured out, there are too many heroes that can play multiple roles to allow a limited hero pool based on your selection, even then you could pick p5 Jakiro/skywraith for example just to get a game faster then be a dick and fight for mid.

    In a perfect world this wouldn't happen, unfortunately it would probably happen often if it did affect queue times.
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