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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RazerDheepan, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. RazerDheepan

    RazerDheepan New Member

    I am deciding to buy some Razer products online. This is because where i live, the razer products are extremely expensive even for the naga. I am wondering what the shipping time is to certain countries.
  2. Pox4eveR

    Pox4eveR New Member

    Know that feeling, bro. I'm from Brazil and the BlackWidow Chroma is R$1200,00 here (around 430 dollars). A friend of mine was on Canada, and fortunately she bought for me for 189,00 canadian dollars ( R$500,00, R$550 with taxes and shit ). Thank god. Now I am fucking happy.
  3. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    Glad I live in 'merica
  4. Shraix

    Shraix New Member

  5. MelvinASD

    MelvinASD New Member

    Anyone Familiar with the Asia's Shipping? i live in Singapore ! I am very interested in getting a Nabu X
  6. Rickesh

    Rickesh New Member

    im from the uk and it shipped yesterday via DHL
  7. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    Got my package today, the total time from order to delivery was 2 days.
    total cost of shipment: 10 euro's
    EU west
    The Netherlands
  8. skaravaios

    skaravaios New Member

    I live in Greece and the Razer products here are not so expensive as Brazil for example.The issue here is that many of the Razer products are not available.
    And for all the products that we can order online from the Razerstore the shipping cost is really big (around 53 euros).I know that the shipping cost is something that you can't change but maybe is possible to change the shipping method.I don't think that anyone would have a problem if instead of 1-4 days express delivery we could choose 10-15 with lower cost.
  9. XInfinitasX

    XInfinitasX New Member

    Shipping is usually pretty good although pretty expensive still
  10. Lycurgus396

    Lycurgus396 New Member

    England takes a few weeks but its all courried so i dont mind paying for it.
  11. It all depends on where you live, but generally Razer tries to get your package to you ASAP.
  12. timinuk

    timinuk New Member

    Cant get Razer products shipped to Malta :slightly_sad: need to get them forwarded on from Italy or elsewhere, really bumps up the cost....
  13. Rahged

    Rahged New Member

    Whenever I ordered my stuff it usually came within a week. Always less than 2 weeks. I live in Canada.

    Whenever I ordered stuff, I had to pay the tax to FedEx directly when I picked it up, so that might be the case for you as well depending on where you're shipping the gear to.
  14. xBumbleBeee9

    xBumbleBeee9 New Member

    Totally depends on where you like. I've bought a few things from Razer and the express delivery has taken around 3 days on average being in Scotland
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