Should I buy PUBG?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by LumraEmerald, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. LumraEmerald

    LumraEmerald New Member

    I have 44 dollars in my steam wallet and I am not getting anymore money till after steam winter sales. I see that PUBG is fun and an FPS I like FPS and RPG but I just got my first gaming computer and don't have many RPGs to play. I only own Assassins creed IV which I like the game and want more of them. I also own both SOM and SOW so I own some RPG games but not many. Would PUBG be worth it now? I have twitch prime.
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  2. Marco5553

    Marco5553 Active Member

    Is PUBG worth buying? Yes, you can get alot of hours out of it and they are constantly updating it at the moment, with a new map coming up. Although it sounds like you really like RPGs so maybe you should put your moneye there.
    If you are on a budget maybe getting older games would be a good idea. The graphics might not be the same, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. One of my favourite RPG games, that I would recommend would be Dragon Age: Origins. You can find it so cheap that it's almost free. I gave 4 or 5 $ for it. The graphics are s**t, but the game itself is brilliant! Another RPG I would recommend is ofcouse Skyrim. It was a good game in 2011, and it still is. Plus there a plenty of mods that will update the games graphics to 2017 standarts!
    But back to your question; if you want a fun FPS game with adrenalin kicks, but not too much shooting, then yes, PUBG is worth buying, as it isn't really that expensive. I find it fun and really like it!

    Have a nice weekend ;)
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  3. MysterioZ

    MysterioZ New Member

    PUBG isn't a normal MMOFPS, you have to remember its a 'Battle Royale' genre. If you're into CS:GO etc, then this wouldn't be best for you.
  4. merylll

    merylll Member

    Yes buy it! You will definitely not regret it if you love shooting games!
  5. timb1007

    timb1007 New Member

    Its fun. I think playing with a group of people makes the game even better. It has a slight learning curve (looting for items, bullet drop, etc) but pretty good overall
  6. TheMudblood

    TheMudblood New Member

    It is worth the price!
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