Should Razer make running shoes and scarf?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by MrMansfield, Sep 21, 2015.


Should Razer make running shoes?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    I really love my Razer Nabu X, but something is missing. Razer running shoes. Yes, I believe Razer should make their own running shoes. As well as scarf for those chilly winter days. Also, with the Razer shoes, it would complete the Razer gear collections.
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  2. NeonZip75

    NeonZip75 Member

    Yeah ! Why not ? Good idea
  3. GhettoCowboy

    GhettoCowboy Active Member

    I want a Razer & Nike partnership, give me those Green&Black Air Max 90!!
  4. Keex_Chris

    Keex_Chris Member

    Only if they do a partnership with an already reputable shoe company.
  5. Purelyluck87

    Purelyluck87 Active Member

    Razer have their own scarf
  6. jj1216

    jj1216 Active Member

    This is interesting...
  7. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    I wouldnt buy the shoes but Id get the scarf to match the beanie i have
  8. goss343

    goss343 Member

    I swear, people get more stupid every day, shoes? By a company that males gaming peripherals? Just do Nike iD if you want green and black shoes, they'll probably be the same price.
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  9. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    HEllo gos343, I understand where you going, but you see, I want to help Razer in advertising and therefore I wish they expand their Razer gear. It's free advertising for them and they will continue to expand it to get more money from true fans and not to mention it's free advertisement. Have a good day.

    GTASANTT Member

    how does running shoes fit into video games?
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Another green and black option is to find the shoes created in conjunction with Monster Energy Drink. They do have the Monster logo, but everything about them reads Razer colors. I believe there is at least one pair made by DC Shoes.

    Or perhaps find a "label-less" pair of green and black shoes you like, purchase the Razer patches off the store and then sew them on yourself ...
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  12. Link197

    Link197 Member

    I can see the Razer scarf, but not quite the shoes. I can't see Razer getting enough benefits out of the shoes.
  13. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    It's advertisement. Razer give gears to their fans because it is free advertisement. That's how companies spread the word that they exist. Hope you understand. Have a good day.
  14. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I think shoes would be a cool idea. The only way for it to be profitable for Razer would be to do a partnership with an actual shoe company like the others said above. Razer does a lot of partnerships with other companies so this does seem plausible and awesome at that.
  15. HassanAhmed

    HassanAhmed New Member

    OMG if razer paired up with Nike (like someone said in a previous reply) to create Razer sports shoes I would literally explode and buy a pair instantly.
  16. Drazieth

    Drazieth New Member

    I could go a razer Scarf, idk how shoes would work out but they could be cool.
  17. ArcCon

    ArcCon New Member

    Let Razer focus on gaming peripherals.
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  18. link680

    link680 New Member

    hmm I like the sound of the idea but they have built their whole company around gaming. Maybe like if they were to sell clothing sell like gaming jerseys.
  19. Zi1ux

    Zi1ux Member

    I think it's kinda a good idea. I like the idea of Razer pairing up with Nike but there are those types of people who would just buy the trainers just because it's being sold by them (You know, those shoe lovers?) and ignoring the fact that Razer is part of it . Sorry for my bad Engrish, just got to love how I was born in London and yet i'm still bad. But for example: those people who buy Nirvana tops just because everyone is wearing it and it looks stylish but can't even name one song from them. Don't know if it makes sense but hey, I tried :oops:
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  20. lisat

    lisat Member

    YES THAT would be amazingly cool
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