Should razer make theyre own gaming chair with wireless speakers?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Tenzo, Dec 21, 2015.


Should razer make theyre own gaming chair?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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  1. everSandville404

    everSandville404 New Member

    Iv been a gamer ever since i woke up one morning playing rpg games then moving on to computer tech mostly when i game i want somthing that is comfortable a chair when i can lay my back and a chair that has a reasonable price.

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    As always theyre motto is *made for gamers by gamers*

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  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    That looks like a licensed DX Racer, not an officially 100% designed and crafted by Razer chair. Don't get me wrong, I actually really want one. lol -- it's just that it's a licensed item and not a full on totally done by only Razer kind of thing. :)
    Also, they cost roughly $400, kind of a painful price.
  3. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    I'm really not that into gaming chairs. If Razer had one, it'd have to be a really sweet chair. It also would have to be workplace friendly. If I couldn't put it in my office and people immediately take me seriously when they saw me sitting in it then it wouldn't work out. I'm into some really classy stuff... gaming chairs have never gotten me interested and even if I was it'd take a lot to make the cut.

    It's not even something I shop for. I do have a friend that got a gaming chair for xmas and he's happy with it. I do see that Razer could make an improvement on gaming chairs because right now it looks like they could make anything better as far as gaming is concerned. But as a boss, I gotta look like a boss. A big black and green chair is where I draw my limit.

    Plus with Razer there is no indication on costs until it's actually at the store. What would something like that run?
  4. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    Gaming chairs like the DXRacer are really overpriced imo. If they gave the Blade Stealth treatment to gaming chairs I would definitely get one
  5. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    Mmm.. No, I don't like the idea. I don't feel comfortable with a chair made by nerds [emoji14] I prefer one make by pro
  6. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    So.....DXRacer does a really good job with marketing.... I have one.... its ok? It is a very nice chair, but my buddy got a chair on sale at staples for 50 bucks and I almost like it as much. The DXRacer is great as far as variability, you can change height, angle of the back of the chair, tilt it back, move arm rests, change cushions, its pretty nice. But its not the glorious cloud of a chair you expect, its just an office chair.
  7. steven0707

    steven0707 Member

    Gaming Chair is good. But not for the wireless speaker. I rather get them separately.
  8. PeachQUARTZgreat747

    PeachQUARTZgreat747 New Member

    i think razer should mass produce a gaming chair but at a reasonable price unlike dxracer chairs
  9. PeachQUARTZgreat747

    PeachQUARTZgreat747 New Member

    i agree because most people wear headsets anyway
  10. steven0707

    steven0707 Member

    Or maybe they can the chair with headset together. XD
  11. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    I don't think wireless speaker is good for gaming.. i mean wireless will have delay time, plus u have to recharge them, more i prefer an headset or a good speaker (2.1 or better)
  12. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    A gaming chair made by Razer would be a perfect additional item for those Razer gaming themed set-ups. It'd be interesting to see what they can come up with if they ever planned on creating gaming chairs.

    Razer is constantly developing and releasing new products every year. Who knows what lies ahead?

    As for the wireless speakers part, that's a pretty bad idea IMO. There are speakers and headsets for a reason and I can't imagine wireless speakers out-performing any of these two.
  13. Ironmike11B

    Ironmike11B New Member

    I would pass. I've never seen a good implementation of a gaming chair.
  14. Xiopiche

    Xiopiche Member

    i looked into getting a gaming chair but i just didnt see the need for one. the cost didnt help either. i use a headset so the gaming chairs integrated speakers are useless. and most chairs that are comfortable and cost about $100 are good enough to game.
  15. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Gaming chair yes, wireless speakers hell no!!!
  16. I'd buy a gaming chair if they made one. No need for speakers since I mainly use a headset.

    But with chroma on the arm-rests.... take_my_money.jpg lol
  17. Wonginator88

    Wonginator88 Member

    Gaming chair would be sweet!!
  18. milkbottlec

    milkbottlec Active Member

    A gaming chair for sure is needed! But just keep it plain.
  19. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    A Razer gaming chair seems like a good idea, i would buy it, my current chair is almost crumbling apart lol.
    I would not buy one if it had wireless speakers in it though, seems like a useless gimmick that will just increase the price, most of us gamers already have a good speaker set or headphones i assume.
  20. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    I agree with the masses, a gaming chair would be cool but no need for the extra fluff. Adding electronics is just adding costs and bringing the opportunity for something to become broken. I also imagine most people who would buy one have already spent $100+ on a headset.
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