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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Trixtery

    Trixtery New Member

    Need more RGB. All I have that's Razer rgb is Ornata Chroma

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  2. amartyrstale

    amartyrstale New Member

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  3. amartyrstale

    amartyrstale New Member

  4. Bobdibildur123

    Bobdibildur123 New Member

    Here is my Chroma design

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  5. Shadow7ix

    Shadow7ix New Member

    Loving the colours!

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  6. fcpolifan

    fcpolifan New Member

    The understated office version for me :)

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  7. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Well-Known Member

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  8. wirebizRedOrange612

    wirebizRedOrange612 New Member

    My first build :3

  9. Dropless

    Dropless Member

    This is my basic streaming setup :smile_:. Yeah, i dont have anything else to show but is it kinda clean doe?

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  10. dsilva8301

    dsilva8301 New Member

    This is my 10yr old daughters setup. Working progress. hue go lights and strip light are synced with razer synapse

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    SMO0oKIN_ACES New Member

    Just in case you ask who I'm watching. I'm watching summit1g play rogue company.

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  12. Takakuraken

    Takakuraken Member

    Hoist the Colors...:smile_: IMG_5198.JPG
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  13. These all look awesome, I'm waiting on my new desk then I go full RGB
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  15. OLY6666

    OLY6666 New Member

    Just got the blackwidow keyboard and love the customization Keyboard.jpeg
  16. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 Member

    This is my fave color picks using Ambient mode

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  17. Bc5000
  18. Heres my pewdiepie chromastation!

    now pls give trophy lmao pewdiepie.jpg
  19. GrevenGaming

    GrevenGaming New Member

  20. MARCASITEdirectXanadu882

    MARCASITEdirectXanadu882 Well-Known Member

    How to get the razer keyboard in the region where razer store is unavailable ??
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