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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Sleepless_Bubbles

    Sleepless_Bubbles New Member

    Don't have much razer products so I am posting to hope to get the Razer Silver and maybe get enough to get new things

    image0 (1).jpg image0.jpg
  2. BlueOmni

    BlueOmni New Member

    Hi everyone, my chroma setup is simple, just the fire effect with a reactive effect emulating water over the flames that disappear as if the fire would evaporate it.

    upload_2021-2-7_8-26-10.png IMG_20210207_081453.jpg
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  3. RaulilloPillo

    RaulilloPillo New Member

    Here’s mine!!!

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  4. busRosyBrownhead356

    busRosyBrownhead356 New Member

    yakın zamanda sizlerle paylaşacağım cooming soon : wink_:
  5. Wouki79

    Wouki79 New Member

  6. i regret to only get the mouse instead of getting a whole set ,these CHROMA LOOKS SOOO bad ass

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  7. S20boominator

    S20boominator New Member

    Currently thinking of a redo of the set up. This is the previous layout

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  8. S20boominator

    S20boominator New Member

    hopefully this will unlock the razer silver for us
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  10. Reflexz._.

    Reflexz._. New Member

  11. CodexCharis78

    CodexCharis78 New Member

    chroma madness

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  12. Ordered new Mouse!

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  13. Apocalyciouss

    Apocalyciouss Well-Known Member

    Compact, until I get a bigger desk

    Razer Huntsman Elite with Pudding keycaps
    Razer Basilisk V2
    Razer Nari

    Razer goliathus chroma soon to come

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  14. Furbatr0n

    Furbatr0n New Member

    are we allowed to post pictures of yourself wearing a kraken kitty headset because thats all i have at the moment as i'm waiting for my replacement after i had an issue with my original one (may i say razer customer service is on POINT!)
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  15. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    Here is my blackwidow chroma v2 te tk , razer viper mini and Sneki to keep me and my phones company.

  16. mekinos1998

    mekinos1998 New Member

    Nie jest źle :D

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  17. mekinos1998

    mekinos1998 New Member

    [​IMG]A tutaj moje stanowisko, huntsman elite, basilisk ultimate, nommo chroma blackshark v2 pro, riaju ultimate i podkładka Lucio :D

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  18. my setup picture tell me is the best

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  19. DM_Seven

    DM_Seven New Member

    Wow, That chroma setups looks cool. :)
  20. toyamikage

    toyamikage New Member

    This is a WIP. I haven't even activated Windows yet :slightly_sad: Cable management needs to be worked on. AIO water cooler, desk. But having Razer products makes me happy. So I bought them first!

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