Show off Razer Chroma Profiles & Setups

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. BigDotsSugar

    BigDotsSugar New Member

    my latest set up!

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  2. gbgcvdf5ttt

    gbgcvdf5ttt New Member

    my razer builds..razer mouse razer keyboards

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  3. gbgcvdf5ttt

    gbgcvdf5ttt New Member

  4. edwardfish12

    edwardfish12 New Member

    I love Razer pro type, what beautiful keyboard of Razer so far.:smile_:

    Gears: Razer pro type, Razer Mamba wireless
  5. Shanzealous

    Shanzealous New Member

    This is my first RGB setup at the moment. Looking forward to more RBB stuff to upgrade my setup! :smile_:

    Razer RGB Setup 1.jpg Razer RGB Setup 2.jpg
  6. Cyberpunked_Samurai

    Cyberpunked_Samurai New Member

    Have two,

    first is macbook pro with firefly v2 mouspad and viper ultimate cyberpunk 2077, keyboard is a Blackwidow V3 mini Hyperspeed , the headset is not a razer ist the steelseries arctis pro wireless, Xbox Elite series 2 controlles


    second is a mac mini with 6core i7 32gb ddr4 and 1tb pcie ssd, core x chroma with rx 5600xt gpu , goliathus extended chroma mousepad , mamba tournement mouse (old but still gold) , huntsman elite keyboard with keycap upgrade and elviathan soundsystem. Standard white xbox controller , the monitors are an lg 37 inch curved ultrawide and an standard/unknown brand 23,5 inch curved 1080p monitor


    both run on Macos Big sur 11.4 , the gaming is mostly done trough geforce now
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  7. james267

    james267 New Member

  8. Liiesa

    Liiesa New Member

    This is only the Work Setting :) at my Apartment for Work.
    I have a lot of more Razer Stuff :)

    I love Razer not only because the Products! The Costumer Service is very friendly!
    And i love the Community!

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  9. najahayuk

    najahayuk New Member

    this new mouse mouse.jpg
  10. ptanjawi.m

    ptanjawi.m New Member

    mouse.jpg yahahaahaaahaaah
  11. mikamiler

    mikamiler New Member

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  12. biggamer_17

    biggamer_17 New Member

    cool. very cool.
  13. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k New Member

    my board is lightin up yay

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  14. kositakis

    kositakis New Member


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  15. Juanpa118

    Juanpa118 New Member

    This is what I have now, thinking on upgrading btw

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  16. Moocooman

    Moocooman New Member

    Just got the Kraken and Firefly and honestly loving this so much

  17. keansargent

    keansargent New Member

    It's very cool, you did it finally. I think these guys Sloboda Studio make you feel more confident. I'm sure your way will be long and successful.
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