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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. DRG_razer

    DRG_razer New Member

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  2. blackwood8812

    blackwood8812 New Member

    My setup with full ambilight.

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  3. Axelman8

    Axelman8 New Member

    Hey there,

    My first Razer product ever and my first post on this forum. Just set up my Ornata V2 keyboard and I like it. I'm not a gamer but i work mostly at night programming for fun, and the Chroma on this keyboard is very good for working at night. Here is a pic of my simple setup. There is plenty of room for other Chroma products... i guess this wont be my last Razer product ;)


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  4. Axelman8

    Axelman8 New Member

    Hey there,

    I couldnt find a topic for profile sharing anywhere and this topic addresses profiles so i will post my sharing here.
    As I try to learn all the features of ChromaEffect, I got a working K.I.T.T led going on and on on my toprow of the keyboard. As i cannot share the profile on this forum, I will just share how i did it. It looks good and can be build in any existing profile without much effort.

    You need 1 wave object and set it on Angle 90' and 2 sec. pause
    Create a second wave object and set it on Angle 270' and 2 sec. pause

    Here is your K.I.T. led going from left to right.
    Now these settings are on my top row (esc,F1 to my last button (scrollwheel)) these settings are working on my end.. maby you have to set the pause to another value, just play with it.

    Cheers K.I.T.jpg
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  5. NIkeXnanO

    NIkeXnanO New Member

  6. FPPgaming

    FPPgaming New Member

    mine chorma setup

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  7. DSCPDC_0003_BURST20211116132125809_COVER.JPG
  8. Bioacid

    Bioacid New Member

    My battle station setup, all Chroma everywhere.

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  9. Axelman8

    Axelman8 New Member

    Hey there,

    Did not find any solution to share chromaeffects here on the forum. If there is any topic option for sharing let me know. would like to try some other creations of forum users.

    Here is my latest layout with vampire teeth, pumping heart and blood going through a vain and upside down cross on the numeric side.
    The .gif doesnt show it completely but on the keyboard itself, it actually does look quite nice.

  10. ThinhRanger

    ThinhRanger New Member

    I wish to have more Razer goods in the future.
  11. byteWisteriaJET667

    byteWisteriaJET667 New Member

  12. IttosToe

    IttosToe New Member

    Here is the colour setup for my keyboard, it is for more productivity as it doesn't have any other layers to it. I would have taken a picture of my setup but it is a disaster rn lol
  13. headPaleAqualife325

    headPaleAqualife325 New Member

    My good setup
    I recommend Razer products because they are quality products and I'm very happy to own this setup

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  14. byteWisteriaJET667

    byteWisteriaJET667 New Member

    My new setup is this very good chromas colors especially the case of my computer.
    I really recommend Razer products.:)

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  15. wyleymckay

    wyleymckay New Member

  16. flowBazaartechno379

    flowBazaartechno379 New Member

    sheepishly hiding my corsair keyboard
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  17. nasrNasr

    nasrNasr New Member

    HiI just posted my setup in the Battlestation thread, and I normally just have a pretty basic keyboard lighting but here's a maybe more unique Chroma keyboard profile. A Pacman one I attempted. It doesn't look too great but it was worth a try.

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  18. RedZone02

    RedZone02 New Member

  19. ReeceDaniel

    ReeceDaniel New Member

    This is my current setup - complete with Razer Seiren X, Blackshark V2 and Chroma Headphone Stand, BlackWidow Ultimate and Mamba Tournament Edition, Goliath Extended :D

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  20. ArielSnow88

    ArielSnow88 New Member

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