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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. RubixVi

    RubixVi Member

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  2. ALazyLex

    ALazyLex New Member

  3. FahimTheStrategist

    FahimTheStrategist New Member


    Not mine, but I wish it was !!! :frown_::frown_:
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  4. MortyMacabre666

    MortyMacabre666 New Member

  5. CPhantonex

    CPhantonex New Member

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  6. Bunnyster

    Bunnyster New Member

    Here's mine, got the Man O' War 7.1, Ornata chroma, and Deathadder - nothing too fancy :)

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  7. Olika120YT

    Olika120YT New Member

    Not the best, but i like it 25590542_588646491467225_2086807358_o.jpg
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  8. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community

    This is awesome. Happy Holidays everyone

    If you're on Insider and this is you, let me know!

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  9. |HOTDAMN!
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  10. Slager

    Slager New Member

    26034480_1305677762871915_360841150_n.jpg Here it is
  11. JewelTK

    JewelTK New Member

    Not the best setup in the world but it does the job. Still looking to get a Naga and maybe a new PC.

    Got my WOW profile set up on it, really helps with learning the UI.

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  12. Tamarizz

    Tamarizz Member

    Just starting with this Chroma fever...
    Firefly next...
    I love it!

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  13. My New Deathadder Elite is so gooood

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  14. Yacapla990

    Yacapla990 New Member

    Here is a "normal" mode, I also use the ripple mode
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  15. JoviClaire

    JoviClaire New Member

    Lovin the blue and purple combination. :heart:
  16. cmcg1337

    cmcg1337 New Member

    That is the coolest!
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  17. KaylinG

    KaylinG New Member

    4 years and it is still my daily mouse
    P.S. Keyboard too dirty to upload pic haha

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  18. StylorRAZER

    StylorRAZER New Member

    FR :Cool ! Ta le Ornata Chroma quelle switch ? :)
    Bonne journée !

    EN :Nice ! You have the Ornata Chroma, wich switchs ? :)
    Good day !
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  19. Yacapla990

    Yacapla990 New Member

    Hello they are mecan-membranes that are available on the keyboard, a mixture between a mechanical keyboard switch and that of a laptop pc. There is no real switch properly speaking have a good day
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  20. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community

    Hi @StylorRAZER @Yacapla990, could you guys please edit your post to English? The rest of us don't have any idea what you're saying . Do keep in mind of the house rules when you're posting on Insider. :relaxed:
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