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  1. Vlaceon

    Vlaceon New Member

    I've got a middle class setup on a poor man's desk. :sweat_smile: Sorry about the bright lighting masking my lights, it's daytime and I have a giant sliding door in my room with curtains that don't block light.


    First off, we have my baby, my ASUS FX73VE-WH31, with a 1050 Ti, i7 7700HQ, and 16 GB DDR4 RAM. My own little graduation present to myself! :D I've configured Simplistic Audio Visualizer on Wallpaper Engine to have a nice little visualizer on my desktop!


    Moving down, my Blackwidow Chroma X! I was super excited to get this bad boy, and it has not disappointed me at all! The metal body looks and feels great, and i know that it'll be super easy to clean if I ever need to! I would have preferred a keyboard with a stealthier key type, but Fry's only had keyboards with Razer Greens in stock. Oh well, I still love it! :laughing: It, and the rest of my Chroma peripherals, are running with the Keyboard Visualizer 3.05, I love this program so much!


    To the right a little are my mouse-related peripherals, my Mamba TE and my Firefly Cloth Edition! After using the back of a spiral notebook for the past 6 or 7 months as a mousepad, the Firefly feels like a dream come true, honestly! The Mamba's Chroma options vastly surpass those of my previous Deathadder Chroma. while also feeling much better in my hand, and both also run on the Keyboard Visualizer!


    I'm getting a real desk in the mail here within the next week, and I plan on using the HDK (which I still need to order :confused:) to set up the light strips under the top of the desk, which is made of tempered glass, and use Keyboard Visualizer to create a real light show in here! You can count on seeing that here whenever it happens, but I hope the current setup looks at least somewhat visually appealing! :sweat_smile:

    Update on my setup! I no longer have a poor man's desk, and have now set up the HDK! Check it out!
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  2. Exadon

    Exadon New Member

  3. Guiliam31

    Guiliam31 New Member

    FireFly is comming to replace this mousepad!.[​IMG]
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  4. xenonexia

    xenonexia Member

    For some reason, I can't even register my battlestation in my profile. Not sure why, but if there by chance were someone who could look into that and help me out, I'd love to give back by showing you my new gear and the bridge of my new battleship as soon as it launches in a week or so. So... please, help?
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  5. Ruskey101

    Ruskey101 New Member

    i need one
  6. Parth1C

    Parth1C Member

    My cheap stand by gaming rig. As my old gaming rig motherboard went to silicon haven :frown_:
    IMG_1930.JPG IMG_1919.JPG
    Cpu - Intel I5-7600 @ 3.5
    Gpu - gigabyte OC 1050Ti
    Mobo - H110-M
    Ram - Crucial 16 GB
    OS - WIN 10 creative
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  7. the.jester

    the.jester New Member

    Just finished the case upgrade.

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  8. Ib0sh

    Ib0sh New Member

    Hey Guys, this is my Battlestation. In the next few days i buy the Razer Croma :)
    WhatsApp Image 2018-06-20 at 21.12.34.jpeg

    And doesn't look at the cable management :DI think, i need a nice picture on my wall..maybe a Razer picture?! :D

    Update: Now i'm the proud owner of an Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2
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  9. spacedragon421

    spacedragon421 New Member

    posting for the trophy, if you don't mind can you hit the like so I can get the trophy for likes as well?
    Thanks :)
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  10. the.jester

    the.jester New Member

    Like 4 Like brother man :)
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  11. mateuskater

    mateuskater New Member


    MOBO: MSI B250M
    RAM: HyperX 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
    CPU: Intel Core i3 7100 @ 3.9GHz
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
    SSD: Kingston A400 120GB
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
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  12. RazerNear.jpg RazerFar.jpg Finally just assembled the last few pieces of my Razer Chroma Vue Setup
    -GTX 1080
    -Toshiba 2gb SSD
    - BlackWidow X Gunmetal
    -Dell S2716 Gsync
    -Dual Omen 25s
    -Phillips Vue Integrated Into Synapse.
    Still learning chroma studio if anyone has any cool effects that would look good let me know :)....

    ...Still missing my Razer Headset.. oh and hopefully Razer does a full Metal keycap set... I just got mine in the mail today and totally bummed its only the 10 keys or we..enjoi
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  13. uppakk

    uppakk Member

    Here it is, my set up!
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  14. ItsGamingTime

    ItsGamingTime New Member

    This is what my current battlestation looks like, am planning on slowly making upgrades and adding more to it later on.

    Attached Files:

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  15. Thanna

    Thanna New Member

    If I woke up to this. I would ask my self. Am I in heaver already lol.
  16. XprestigiousX

    XprestigiousX New Member

    ddd.jpg myscuffed build
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  17. skygunner27

    skygunner27 Active Member

    I haven't posted a picture here in ages. Can someone tell me how to do it here? So that I may add my set up to....

    Thanks in advance.
  18. Limzui

    Limzui Member

    Upgraded my Monitor and headset, and re-did my wire management!

    Acer Predator X34 Samsung CHG90
    Razer Adaro DJs Razer Man O' War Wireless

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  19. Tackertyp

    Tackertyp Active Member

    Yeah, your old monitor seemed a little small...
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  20. skygunner27

    skygunner27 Active Member

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