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  1. my setup
    follow me please
    i want 1 like

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  2. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    How do you have your mouse further in front than the keyboard? Looks awkward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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  3. CanadianSafaTV

    CanadianSafaTV New Member

  4. edwardfish12

    edwardfish12 New Member

    It just a beginning with Razer products.


    Keyboard: Razer pro type, what beautiful keyboard of Razer so far.:smile_:
    Misc: Razer Mamba wireless
    Audio: Razer Hammerhead true wireless pro

    On coming: Razer Firefly V2...
  5. Cyberpunked_Samurai

    Cyberpunked_Samurai New Member

    Have two,

    first is macbook pro with firefly v2 mouspad and viper ultimate cyberpunk 2077, keyboard is a Blackwidow V3 mini Hyperspeed , the headset is not a razer ist the steelseries arctis pro wireless, Xbox Elite series 2 controlles


    second is a mac mini with 6core i7 32gb ddr4 and 1tb pcie ssd, core x chroma with rx 5600xt gpu , goliathus extended chroma mousepad , mamba tournement mouse (old but still gold) , huntsman elite keyboard with keycap upgrade and elviathan soundsystem. Standard white xbox controller , the monitors are an lg 37 inch curved ultrawide and an standard/unknown brand 23,5 inch curved 1080p monitor


    both run on Macos Big sur 11.4 , the gaming is mostly done trough geforce now
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  6. SyedMohdNizam

    SyedMohdNizam New Member

    20210714_172540.jpg Minimalist Battle Station!
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  7. G5_EPC

    G5_EPC New Member

    My current setup (I change around a lot) :big_grin_:

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  8. najahayuk

    najahayuk New Member

    mouse.jpg Mantap bosku
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  9. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member

  10. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member

  11. stranghold

    stranghold New Member

    powersupply : enermax 80 plus platine 1700w
    Ram : g-skill 4000 mhz cl16 1.4v 2x16gb . @3700mhz

    motherboard is : asrock x570 taichi razer

    cpu : amd ryzen 5950x @ max turbo 5 ghz

    Drive : PNY SSD PNY M.2 PCI-E NVMe Gen4 CS3040 4tb

    Gpu : msi x trio rtx 3090

    Cpu aio : kraken z 73 with push and pull fans .

    Case : lian li o11d razer edition

    Headphones : razer tiamat v2 7.1

    Keyboard : razer blackwidow v2

    Mouse : razer viper mini

    Monitor : acer predator cg 437 KP (4 k , 144mhz )

    Accesories : mousepad goliathus extended chroma Mouse bungee v3 chroma Razer basestation v2 chroma
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  12. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 Member

    Just got my Seiren Elite and I think my setup is done

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  13. Bitauren007

    Bitauren007 Well-Known Member

    just created my new chroma setup


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  14. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member

    that is sweat looking
  15. blackwood8812

    blackwood8812 New Member

    Asrock x570 Taichi Razer Edition

    Ryzen 5900x with a Heatkiller 4 Pro (Pbo+Curve Optimizer)

    Evga Rtx 3080 Ultra with Alphacool waterblock(+160 clock and +1100 mem)

    Gskill Trident Z 32gb cl 15 (oc auf 3733mhz cl16)

    Mo-Ra3 420 with 200mm Noctua fans and a Heatkiller Tube

    Some m2 and sata ssd‘s

    Corsair x680 case

    Alpenföhn Wingboost 3 case fans

    Razer Mamba Hyperflux mouse

    Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard

    Razer headphone stand

    Sound Blaster Katana speaker

    Razer hdk with 4 lightstrips

    Razer argb controller for the fans and a Samsung ultrawide monitor.

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  16. AymenTheKing

    AymenTheKing New Member

    best stupe ever

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  17. 0315031543211234

    0315031543211234 New Member

    This is my battle station but my pc is kind of trash:slightly_sad:
    I use a Huntsman elite 2 viper ultimates (the one on the bottom I am getting a new dongle for) roccat elo 7.1 usb bengoo studio mic echo 4th gen echo show 8 2nd gen viewsonic moniter which I will replace soon and my pc specs are cpu: intel I5 ram:16 gigs ddr4 gpu radeon 5 and the pc is a dell optiplex 7040
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  18. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member

    I always say, if you have a setup it doesn't matter what it looks like. You can always rebuild when you have time & money. As long as you are happy and streaming...
  19. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member


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  20. BigRhyno77

    BigRhyno77 New Member

    My new setup with RGB mania, LOL
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