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New Orange Switch and/or Silent & tactile Opto-Mechanical switch keyboard, please?

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  1. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Just for the record, this thread was posted on Sunday the 10th Jan 2021

    I want to ask RAZER, you have developed a Clicky-Tactile and Silent-Linear Opto-Mechanical switch, why not Silent-Tactile Opto-Mechanical swtich?

    The Huntsman is on the market choice of Clicky-Tactile or Silent-Linear, how about Huntsman choice of Silent-Tactile Opto-Mechanical switch?

    I have been using my BW Stealth for too long, and I sure would like to see a new keyboard in production with a Silent-Tactile Opto-Mechanical switch.

    I find Silent-Tactile perfect for gaming and work.
    Why work? Because it is silent, does not bother my colleagues; and tactile bump sure feels good when typing.

    Would RAZER insiders like to cast your vote on this?
    L E T ' S M A K E I T H A P P E N ! ! ! !

    Please send my regards to @Dekades and @mltan
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