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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by SchniggoNiggo, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. SESNut

    SESNut Member

    seems like it would be easy to add since its part of the same sdk, no?
  2. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    Probably, but I don't own a HDK, so I can't test it.
  3. BeyondForest

    BeyondForest New Member

    Really great work! I love how smooth and fast the colour changes! ♥
    Real Ambilight would be soooo lovely! I didn't test it with my HDK yet, but i'll try. Would be nice, if it works with your program too.

    But honestly, it must be a lot of work. So thumps up for that ♥
  4. BeyondForest

    BeyondForest New Member

    Ohkie. I didn't test it with HDK yet. But I have some Hue Lamps. I can connect them via razer synapse, yeah we all knew that! But, there is a hue app too, which can synchronize with the razer gear and guess what. It works with your ambilight program! Thats so awesome! ♥
  5. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    I'm glad you like my program. ^^ With the HDK the program will probably not work. I can't test it because I don't have HDK. I have not thought, however, that the Hue lamps would work. But I also do not have any of them to try it out by myself. But apparently it still works without a problem ^^.
  6. BeyondForest

    BeyondForest New Member

    Yeah, I tested some things. HDK won't work. But in theory the hue lightstrips might work, cuz' the lamps work.
    And it's a bit complicated to make it work all together! Anyone who want this synchronized with hue lamps and don't know how, you can just ask me!

    I'm not a programer, but is it possible to get this on the razer naga and razer firefly mousepad? Don't feel forced to do so, when it's tooooo complicated.

    Again thanks for this ♥
  7. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    Release V1.6

    Added support for razer naga and razer firefly (can't test it, but it should work). If you are on Version 1.5. restart Razer Ambilight and you should be asked to update. Otherwise download the newest release from here. ^^
  8. BeyondForest

    BeyondForest New Member

    For me it works! ♥ thaaaanks ♥
  9. ntreik

    ntreik New Member

    its perfect! if you could please lessen the cpu load it would be even better. my 6600k loads about 20-25%
  10. Travis8214

    Travis8214 New Member

    Can't really figure out what's going on but after installing and running the .exe, nothing happens? Double-click seems to be doing something, typical Windows 10 experience, just nothing happens, like a shortcut to nowhere. This could be an issue isolated to me, but I cannot figure out why. The other Chroma app mentioned here would launch but hang/crash right away.

    But before I can even get it running, curious, is this only for keyboards? Any and all keyboards? How about underglow? I've just got a Mamba Elite, Firefly Cloth should be coming tomorrow, and I plan to order a Huntsman Elite relatively soon - I think my plans are common around these parts. But just to add, I was wondering if it were possible through your app to utilize the entire suite for ambilight?

    to also add, I'm intent upon incorporating my Hue bulbs, but I've already got that sorted out, mostly.
  11. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    If you open the program, you should be able too see the icon in your notification area on your taskbar. It does not notify you, that it has started (maybe I should implement this at some point).

    I only got the Razer Ornata Chroma, so I can not really test it, but the program should also support mouse and mousepad like the Razer Naga or the Razer Firefly and every keyborr without a problem.

    Oh and make sure to have Razer Synapse open for the program to work.

    And regarding the Hue bulbs, the user BeyondForest said, he was able to use the Hue lamps with the program so you should ask him for that.
  12. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    You can right click the icon in the notification area on the taskbar and select "change tickrate". You can then manually modify the rate, at which the effect should be updated. A higher update rate means less cpu load.
  13. Waffeleisen23

    Waffeleisen23 New Member

    May I ask you? I have two Hue lights but when I start the ambilight program they just turn off. But the razer devices work fine.
  14. BeyondForest

    BeyondForest New Member

    You have to download the hue sync app for your system (eg. windows). The app is supported via the Croma Workshop homepage. You aren't allowed to sync your hue lamps with synapse. But: If you have installed the hue sync app, then it must shown up in synapse (Chroma apps, where you have the ambilight app too). Here is the correct order important. First the ambilight app. Second the hue snyc app. Both activated. The hue lamps communicate with the hue sync app only, while your razer gear communicate with synapse. In theory you don't even have the hue app activated in Synapse, because the ambilight is a hue feature by itself. But it causes some troubles, when i deactivated it.

    Hope you understand what i'm meaning here. My english is not the best x.x :heart:
  15. Travis8214

    Travis8214 New Member

    Not sure what happened but it's working fine now haha, cheers!
  16. Isaakk

    Isaakk New Member

    Please i would be so glad if you add HDK into it:heartbeat: I have one sticked behind my monitor and I'd like to have it for movies or games.
    Please try adding it even you don't have it, and thanks you for this.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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  17. LewikyFR

    LewikyFR New Member

    HELL YEAH !! I would like it ! If you can implement that, it will be the perfect ambilight app ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Great work !
  18. ntreik

    ntreik New Member

    thank you very much for this! keep up the good work. IF you can implement the ambilight to HDK you will be the reason to buy it...not synapse chroma craps..YOU

    edit: also razer goliathus is not working with the app
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
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  19. SchniggoNiggo

    SchniggoNiggo New Member

    I've looked into it further, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. Currently there is no way for me to control the HDK with the Colore Chroma SDK wrapper in C#. So there is no way for me to control the HDK with code.

    The same seems to apply to the Razer Goliathus, for which there seems to be no implementation in the SDK.
  20. ntreik

    ntreik New Member

    no implementation for goliathus? seems that way cause all razer chroma games dont use goliathus in their profile...anyway huge thanks for this
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