Software Update available for Razer Phone. Check for updates!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by vx117, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. vx117

    vx117 New Member

    "This update includes enhancements and improvements for your Phone.
    -Improvements to Dolby Atmos audio
    -Improved battery life (seriously?)
    -Updated ringtones and wallpapers
    -Various bug fixes"

  2. dpgx81

    dpgx81 New Member

    Haha you beat me to it, I just was about to post this :smile_:
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  3. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Can you post your build number and kernel build date after the update please?
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  4. dpgx81

    dpgx81 New Member

  5. I installed it and I swear my auto brightness works better. Maybe me tho lol. We will see tonight. That's when it really fails. Sometimes the screen is so dark.
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  6. How did ye guys get this update? I'm on three in Ireland and haven't seen any updates yet, are they pushed out by razer or my carrier.
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  7. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    I see the update avaialble, on cricket in the US (so no carrier interaction)
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  8. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Just asked a Dev on twitter we got this update already before the unlocked models.
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  9. SRushing

    SRushing New Member

    If owners of the Razer Phone are in the US and use T-Mobile it's available to for download and install as of 5:50pm Central Standard Time.
  10. Corym9

    Corym9 New Member

    Is anyone have a phone speaker problem after the update. I updated a few hours ago and now when make or receiving calls the speaker is just making beeps no voice from the caller.
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  11. SRushing

    SRushing New Member

    What carrier do you use? I'm not certain that really matters but it's a possibility.
  12. Corym9

    Corym9 New Member

    I am on TMobile. But it has been working perfectly before the update.
  13. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Try a reset yet?

    I find resetting after updates to be quite beneficial.. (and people give microsoft crap lol)
  14. iWolverine33

    iWolverine33 New Member

    Just installed the update. Before the update, the bottom speaker would rattle/vibrate as soon as you turn the volume up about 3/4 or higher. Best way to test it was to play the Zeta ringtone and it would go nuts.
    Now after the update it doesn't do that, but seems all they did is turn down the maximum volume. It's no longer as loud as it used to be, about on par with my Nexus 6p. The quality is obviously much better, but for a phone that was billed as the loudest on the block, it is not anymore...

    Pretty disappointed and torn, love the idea of the 4k mAh battery and how long this should last, but the bad speaker left a bad taste in my mouth right out of the box.

    Sending it back as I was planning on doing before the update.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  15. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Defective, I feel your pain. I would bet the replacement is just fine, though I'm curious how they're going to handle the lack of volume now. (Even tho it's still ridiculously loud lol)
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  16. Ya they def turned down the maximum volume, because speaker phone is super low now it feels like. Anyone else have that issue??

    Also anyone having issues turning down the volume on speaker phone???? It says at one volume when turning up or down after the update.
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  17. Yeman11111

    Yeman11111 New Member

    Turning Dolby Atmos on and off makes no difference in the sound. What did they even change to it? Did they even fix anything or did they just have it stop running entirely?
  18. Actually your right turning it on and off for me does nothing. Hmmmm wonder whats happening. Because it's def affecting call audio. It's super low.
  19. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    My speakers crackling are gone, though you can see they lowered volume. I'll upload a vid shortly.
    It's weird, system sounds are much quieter, music on youtube is much quieter, but Netflix is almost as loud, but still quieter.

    I'm not sure what's going on, it would be great if Razer responded. Feels like an attempt to mask a defect? If it weren't hardware, the levels wouldn't change right?

    Still sending mine back though to get another unit. I KNOW pre-update, my gf's phone is perfect.

    Watching generically on the windows sound volume mixer, it looks like the difference is about 20%.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
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  20. A189ik

    A189ik New Member

    Yep same here ,phone was loud and Dolby Atmos mode selections or even turning it on made differences. After update it's quiet. Seems like Dolby Atmos doesn't do anything but the static sounds r gone.. before update turning off Dolby got rid of static sound but speakers remained loud.. I wish I could revert update some how.. my only current issues are the speaker volume and can't rearrange the home buttons.. I need that back button on right side..
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