Some questions for razer blade stealth owners

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Final_Hazard, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    So glad this thread popped back up on my alerts, I was just about to make a thread with some questions about the stealth. I think I will be buying one relatively soon (the newer kaby lake version with 16 gig ram and 512 ssd). The stealth can run league right? I have a feeling Overwatch wouldn't work too well but surely it can do basic games like League can't it? Also how is the keyboard for you guys? I was in my local microsoft store demoing the blade and blade stealth, and I noticed the stealth had a stiffer keyboard. One of the bigger drawbacks of the Razer Edge (which I have) is that the keyboard dock was just awful to type on, so I am a little concerned.
  2. League runs fine on the stealth. I actually put the graphics to max (lower resolution, 720 or 1080, can't remember) and the stealth managed it just fine, fps around 40. Turn down the graphics to a happy medium and it gets much better FPS. It DOES get VERY hot though! If you're going to game on it, I would strongly recommend a laptop cooling pad. Not sure how it would do with overwatch, but I'd imagine it could handle it easily on low-medium settings. Overwatch is not a very demanding game.

    As for the keyboard, it's fine as well. It takes time to get used to the keyboard on any new computer, but it's fine. I just asked my wife if she likes it, and she gave me this look and said "'s a good keyboard....I don't know what you want from me." If I could improve one thing on the keyboard, I'd want a numpad, but that takes up more room and isn't practical on these machines.
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  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I have a Razer Edge, trust me I know how hot they get, lol, but thanks for the info! I think the keys are well spaced out and everything they just don't have much travel so they feel really stiff. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because it was what killed the Edge keyboard dock but hopefully I will adjust after using it for a few days. I type alot so I like to be able to do so quickly and comfortably. I think my decision is pretty much made at this pll oint. In the next month or 2 I will order a new Stealth.
  4. statton4

    statton4 Member

  5. I've been vocal with my displeasure in the Core USB issues, but I wanted to give some feedback on the Stealth.

    Cons -

    1. When I first got it (Kaby Lake Version) it liked to freeze once or twice a day. Finally I went in to device manager and right-clicked on every device and updated drivers. Many of them had updates. Once I did this, the lockups went away.

    2. When disconnecting from the Core, it is hit or miss as to whether the internal screen will come back on. This is typically only resolved with a hard restart. If you shut down before disconnecting the Core, the screen will not come on upon reboot. You have to hard power it off to get it to work. I haven't addressed these issues with support yet because I have an open case with my Core and I prefer to work one issue at a time.

    3. The internal keyboard has no home and end keys. This one is frustrating for the work I do.

    Pros -

    1. It's a beautiful looking machine.

    2. Solidly built

    3. Boots really quickly

    4. As others have said, plays WOW just fine when attached to the Core. I usually get 50-60 fps with my GTX960. Haven't tried big raids yet, though.
  6. MoRT489

    MoRT489 New Member

    Can anyone comment on how any FPS games (new and old) run on the Blade Stealth (without Core)?
  7. TheOnlyway

    TheOnlyway New Member

    My concerns are pretty much the same and I'm still on the fence here. I primarily want to use this for work since my workplace supports BYOD. My workplace supplies me with a Surface Pro 4 for work which honestly runs fine but I constantly find myself hitting the 8 GB limit on the machine (just today I have visual studio open and two powershell consoles running. Powershell alone is eating 50% CPU and 2GB of memory). I also have the requirement that I realistically can't work without two screens and working on one 24" and one 12.5" really isn't viable, it's 2x 24" and the device they are plugged in to.

    Which means if I want something relatively close to the Surface in terms of form factor and more memory I'm mainly gravitating towards the RBS Kabylake, XPS 13 kabylake and maybe the surface book pro, to a lesser extent a Mac but the specs for the new macs is actually quite disgustingly bad.

    • Now aside from the random issues people seem to have with the hardware for the RBS my main concern is apparently it only officially supports 1 monitor output, which in my mind is crazy. It has a "dock" of sorts in the form of the core but that thing is so stupidly over-sized it's not funny mainly due to the reason it's meant as a gaming addon.
      Some people have said they've had success with third party docks for the RBS but if there is no "official" support for more than one monitor without the Core then that sucks.
    • The XPS 13 has a dock but but the extra 8 GB of memory model costs about 1k more then the RBS.
    • The surface book is a bit of a hit and a miss really and also like 2k more then the RBS.
    It however is a good point that the device can be bought through a Microsoft store so if I can locate one in Australia/Queensland that has one in stock it would be nice knowing I can return it to a physical store instead of RMAing to Razer as it will technically be my primary work device.
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