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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by SivaasPlays, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    So I've noticed a few things I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced. First was the sound dips when I've got the usb-c adapter and regular headphones plugged in when I get a text message it also does this when I'm in Snap Chat if someone posts a long video that takes up more than one snap it dips on the second one.

    On another note has anyone had troubles with adding a micro SD card? took my 128gb sd out of my s7 and put it in the razer said it needed to be formatted so i went through with it and selected to format it to internal storage for the phone it pops up with the "do not remove sd card" and was immediately at 20% and errors out. the error goes away and is really long to remember what it says. anyways i've tried formatting the card on my pc several times in several different formats as well as just deleting any partition on the card at all to no success. any suggestions or anyone else having this problem??
  2. Ganym3de

    Ganym3de Active Member

    From experience on the Razer Phone and Nexus and Pixel devices is that seems to be an Android audio focus issue on audio thru USB. Essentially when a notification comes in it doesn't give up audio focus like it's supposed to.

    A way around this is just holding 'home' to call Google Assistant which will take priority, just dismiss it and it'll return focus back to media, etc rather that that old apps notification

    Regarding you SD card maybe it gave up the ghost since it seems different devices can't format it. Probably a bad block or sector. :/
  3. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    Yeah I just unplug it and plug back in lol. Oh well. And the I had tried loads of things for the SD card. The card itself is fine I can reformat it on my laptop and works just fine put it in my s7 reformats no problem and works. I spent 2 hrs last night on the chat with tech support (they weren't much help) finally I broke down and just reset the phone. It's such a pain to do that it takes for ever to transfer everything back over and redownload apps and some settings didn't get restored which was odd and annoying. Anyways still didn't fix the issue today when I got back home I was chainging a setting and noticed it randomly says insert SD card under storage now plugged it in and now it works? IDK it's dumb and insane just glad I don't have to send the phone back to get a replacement.
  4. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    If I'm watching a vid with Photos, the sound dips but doesn't go back up unless I tap the screen to get the interface to show and retap to hide. VLC works fine though fyi.

    Concerning the sd, it's probably bad. Might try HDTune, I think that will do some health benchmarks iirc.
    Otherwise depending upon the brand, program, OS, there's always the opportunity to find shoddy programming that didn't do a proper health check before utilizing storage. So maybe it was always bad, or going bad, but the error rate was accepted by samsung but not the others. /shrug
  5. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    yeah I haven't tried local videos but it still has problems with snapchat videos. and as for the sd card it was fine i put in my s7 and it formated and i could use it no problem. but yeah idk what happened but it just magicly started working so yeah its dumb lol
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