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Special Access: Pre-Registrations and Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. iiLtnGeneralzZ

    iiLtnGeneralzZ New Member

    Thanks for informing us!
  2. yuankevin123

    yuankevin123 New Member

  3. I love you guys more and more I swear, keep up the great work!
  4. LeToDZN

    LeToDZN New Member

    Really glade that this is open again :heart:
  5. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    I am new to razer and the razer community. I was hoping to get in the nabu x pre reg but being new I don't meet the requirements and I'm fine with that. Because I don't meet them now does not mean I never will. I plan on being a very active member of the community and once I do get my hands on a nabu or nabu x device I plan on providing as much feedback as I can to help improve the product!!
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  6. DJG10212

    DJG10212 New Member

    Thanks for being active in the community
  7. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    You say that now... 2 weeks from now you will be saying " geesh... When will this guy be quiet!" LOL and wait till I do have a device to talk about... That's when the fun will start :)
  8. I am excited for Razer and I agree with this type of release. I just wish there was a hint or a bit of info for the final release. I have tried and failed to get a nabu and its a bummer.

    MRNASA New Member

    Crossing my Fingers!
  10. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    I am so,excited about the nabu I actually bought one via eBay for way more then the price via the developer program... It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I am like a kid before Christmas ...not sure I will be sleeping tonight :) I understand the risks with eBay but feel it was worth the risk . I have since signed up for the developer program and have already been contacted via email so I am hopeful to get one via the program as well in the near future... At that time I will test only with that one and use the eBay one just for fun :)
  11. bookGambogebiz858

    bookGambogebiz858 New Member

    sorry but just because you are not on here allot does not mean you are not a hardcore fan
  12. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    I do agree with siralfred...to an extent.. But more so with Min-Liang Tan... I think when he says " hard core" fan it means more someone who is willing to spend the time it takes to contribute to the community in a way more then the casual visiter. You can be a hardcore fan because you really love the products but the real Hardcore fan is going to be someone who not only loves the products but also loved taking the time to share insite into how the products work, function, perform, help to change and improve our lives. By taking the time to meet the requirements we are showing that we not only want to meet them to be eligible for pre-launches but also by showing that we truly care about sharing with others in the community so they can benefit as much as we can. Sorry to ramble on... Just my opinion :)
  13. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    One other thing I just want to comment on... Reading over all the prev. posts I have to say I am really impressed how active the people in the company are on here... All the way up to the CEO himself... Very impressive to see a staff that actually takes time to interact on this level and do their best to address the concerns of everyone. :)
  14. Kudos to your new program and novel way of approaching demand! I also finding the CEO responding to post rather refreshing, such direct access to leadership is unheard of for many companies.
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  15. smarteggRawUmber272

    smarteggRawUmber272 New Member

    I like this idea, but perhaps you could release more units in wave 1 but increase the special early access price; This can help to reduce the number of scalpers, as well as allow more hardcore fans to own it first, without giving up much as you are still rewarding them with a special price.
  16. melissarblevins

    melissarblevins New Member

    I think it's awesome and a very smart business tool!
  17. polo2199

    polo2199 New Member

    I would like to get involved in this more!
  18. lordsoft

    lordsoft Member

    Thanks for the information! I think this is very good selling strategy. You inspired me to do similar thing with my own products. Thank you again!
  19. I know that I am rather new to Razer (I have been an observer in the past), the one thing that I greatly appreciate is how transparent they are. They don't play around with false promises, instead telling people exactly how it is. That's a policy I can buy into.
  20. Demonrik

    Demonrik Active Member

    Thanks for the info - and really appreciate the chance to be one of those fans.
    It makes perfect sense and I've been lucky on at least 1 of those and with your announcement at CES this year, looking forward to jumping on board at least 2 more
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