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Special Access: Pre-Registrations and Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. devillords

    devillords New Member

    Good to know!
  2. Xiphotic

    Xiphotic New Member

    very good idea for your situation
  3. leroiw

    leroiw New Member

    really want to order one
  4. Swingys

    Swingys Member

    I think its a great system personally. It whittles out people that just create accounts for cheep items then never log on them again. Only thing is I know some people can be shy on posting into forums ect which I suppose where the cortex, comms intergration could come in handy with the stats.
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  5. leroiw

    leroiw New Member

    Thats fine and good but like i just said i really want one. Wasnt aware of the community and missed out on the waves. I have litterally been talking about this thing since CES 2014 to my friends and family encouraging them to wait but they are starting to think its a unicorn. Will still be waiting for it as it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. as for price point $99 is great for the NABU. 79 is good but i would pay 99 right now just ny thoughts
  6. Gabchan

    Gabchan Member

    I don't mind so long as it reaches the country sooner or later. Then we can all enjoy razer' awesome products together
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  7. InvictusGaming

    InvictusGaming New Member

    Good job! But if can try to make it like the 2nd wave for nabu-X which is available for the Europe countries...
  8. Aprilkino

    Aprilkino New Member

    YAY this means us hardcore fans get a higher chance of getting the product. It also forces those lurkers to come out of the shadows and socialize
  9. Hanike

    Hanike New Member

    I have another question...
    Brazil is a single (giant!) country and part of America. Why we never get Razer products here from you directly, and have to either travel to USA to get it or pay +300% overpriced products from importers? =)
  10. Thewarguy

    Thewarguy New Member

    I really need to get my hands on one of these.
  11. TVPuddie

    TVPuddie Member

    I agree.
    Once again good job Razer! ^^
  12. spliffSTAR

    spliffSTAR Active Member

    Because your country taxes the hell out of companies unless the product is made there that's why Nintendo left too
  13. vineFaluRedrush414

    vineFaluRedrush414 New Member

    Has there been any word on if there will be another wave?
  14. MAWinnie

    MAWinnie New Member

    Is there a wave to Come for Europ for the Razer nabu ?
  15. namsons

    namsons Member

    Realy like Razer products.. following all time since my brother gifted me Razer DeathStalker keyboard. :)
    cant wait for something new
  16. I understand the fact that you guys are trying to give a little bonus to your " hardest core fans". I understand that it's probably saving tons of money, time, and materials to only produce 5K units every few months and ship them out. However. I have just (3 seconds before I started typing this comment) made an account at Razer Insider. I saw the Nabu and thought it was a brilliant idea with a lot of potential (Congrats on securing my money when it comes out.) The idea of stopping what I'm doing at any point during the day however to fight in a 15-20 second window to buy one of them is a little bit rough. I'm sure that it helps the guys at Razer to know that this product has not only not made it to the shelf before being purchased, but it never made it out of the stock room in a sense. In the years I have had a job and spent my money on whatever I wanted. Razer has been one of the companies I've put a pretty decent amount of money into (by my standards.) It has also been a company I recommend to friends and family when they need a quality mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. because they made quality items. In the 4+ years I had my DeathAdder the only reason it was replaced was due to drowning (I dropped it in a puddle... Don't judge my clumsiness.)
    My point being the last wave of Nabu (Nabus?) was December 2014 and I can find no word of another wave of pre-orders 3 months later. There isn't even any information about the concept of a release date for the not hardest core fans like me who only want to buy my new Razer product and enjoy a few hundred more hours of gaming or whatever I'm using it for. Information is key and I find there to be a lack of it about the Nabu in 2015. Its March and nothing has been said except for the Nabu X which is a step backwards in my eyes. Just a "Hey the Nabu is still alive and coming soon" would be better than nothing. Anyways to end my little paragraph of useless text. Great work as usual Razer for keeping me a customer. Expect some more money from my account soon when I buy the Chroma series. Hope you read and consider this constructive I honestly meant for it to be.
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  17. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    I totally understand what the last person to post is saying. Myself... Got approved to develop for the nabu, went to by my developer edition using the special link I was given only to get the " notify me" option. So approved to develop... But months later and still can't even order the NABU myself. Disappointing to say the least. As with the last person I love Razer but just don't understand this myself. By the time the Nabu is made available to me the apple watch will already be on my wrist... Just hope I'm still as excited to develop for Razer at that point. Once again... Love Razer, keep up the good work... You guys rock!!!
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  18. drilldragon

    drilldragon New Member

    From what I can gather on the internet and reviews off the band. It probably wasn't received quite as well as they hoped by people outside of the razer family. Most reviews by major electronics websites put it around a 6/7 out of ten. Good idea but could be better. Consumers using this on a daily basis had much different issues. The rubber/plastic they used for the band was not durable enough and becomes scratched within weeks. I would guess theyre redesigning a couple things and trying to get their stock to their distributors as fast as possible and are done with pre reg on this particular device. its really odd how there just hasnt been any real new info since last december.
  19. hack1

    hack1 New Member

    Yeah .. gotta admit. I was pulled in with the hype. Mostly because my young son was so excited about the Nabu. Seemed very cool, highly functional, very reasonably priced. He wanted one for Christmas. We know how that went. Needless to say, we're both still without a fitness / activity tracker as of right now. I really thought the Nabu would be widely available by now.

    Based on the reviews and lack of availability of the device, my confidence level in Razer / Nabu is pretty low. Definitely going to start looking elsewhere. Shame too .. because I was really excited about the Nabu .. so much potential. I guess the world is full of great ideas, but short on folks that can execute those ideas.
  20. Hanike

    Hanike New Member

    If that was the case, then we would never have Apple Stores, Sephora, both Nintendo and tons of Sony products here, etc... and we do have other tech/gaming brands like Ozone, Logitech, MadCatz and Dragon War Association products being sold here too. And none of those are made here. To be honest, most of our tech is NOT made here.
    I have a Nissan sp.sedan and my car and all the parts I replaced/tunned on it were all made in Japan. So what?
    Using taxes as an excuse is just that: an excuse.
    Indeed, Brazil over-taxes, but it's not like there won't be demand for good quality stuff.

    Oh, and, btw.. I was talking about buying from Razer Store. So, basically, who would pay any taxes would be the brazilians at the postal office, not Razer. =)
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2015
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